Unplugged rocks its first concert

By Venisa Wang

Staff Writer

Last Friday at 7 p.m., Gabrielino High School held its first ever Unplugged Concert, an event in which students from the Unplugged club were able to collectively showcase their musical talents to the public.

This year, club advisor Eric Hoenigmann and club president Edward Chau worked together to create the large-scale production that filled the Goodson Theater Friday night, holding practices both during lunch and after school to prepare.

“We all worked hard on planning the specifics for each act and the overall set design,” stated Chau. “The performers practiced three to four times per week for about three weeks leading up to the concert.”

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Former Mustangs come full circle

By Brendan Villena

Staff Writer

Juniors Vivian Vuong, Isabel Yangchen, and Christine Yuan, and seniors Sandy Chen, Vivian Lee, Andy Li, and Amanda Morales once visited Gabrielino High School’s ceramics class as fourth graders to work on their mission projects. Eight years later, the upperclassmen are now the ones in art teacher Terri Hopper’s classroom instructing students on how to build their mission tiles.

Throughout the course of this month, fourth graders from McKinley Elementary School had the opportunity to visit Gabrielino to construct tiles that each represented a mission in California.

The classes came on various Thursdays between March 9-30. This way, all students who were required to create the project will had an equal opportunity to work on their masterpiece.

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Sophomore makes wrestling history

By Kaylin Tran

World Editor

Gabrielino High School has never sent a wrestler to the national championships in its 23 year history. This all changed when, earlier this month, sophomore Cassidy Do shattered records by not only qualifying to nationals, but placing fifth in the United States.

“It still doesn’t register,” Do stated. “People keep [congratulating] me but it still feels strange.”

The United States American Wrestling (USAW) Girls Folkstyle National Championships occurred this past weekend in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from March 23-26.

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Staff Editorial: First 71 days of Trump’s presidency predict ominous fate for our nation

Today marks the 71st day of Donald Trump’s presidency. And in that time, he has crossed the line countless times.

He has pulled crazy, irresponsible, and even dangerous stunts in the past two months, including discussing nuclear strategies with Japan in the middle of a public dining room of his Florida resort and trashing a peace treaty with Russia in his first phone call as president. President Trump has proven that he lacks the decency and aptitude to be an effective leader in the remaining years of his term.

One of the first actions Trump took as president was sign an executive order on Jan. 27, suspending immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries for 90 days, all of which Trump does not have business with: Turkey, Azer-
baijan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia. By only excluding countries he has business stakes in, Trump has not only violated the constitutional Emoulments Clause but has expressed no concern whatsoever about the fearsome conflict of interest his office presents.

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Letter to the editor….

I am writing this because of the blatant one-sidedness of the Gabrielino newspaper. The paper consists of no viewpoints other than those held by liberals and progressives. As a newspaper, you should be committed to not only accurately publishing articles, but also printing ones that you may not agree with. It is only fair to your readers that you present them with a well-rounded paper [so] they can shape their own opinion[s].

The Staff Editorial on Planned Parenthood is entirely false. Planned Parenthood testified in front of Congress in September 2015 that abortions were only 3% of their services. That number is completely bogus and here is why the senior editor of the online magazine Slate said that that 3% statistic was “The Most Meaningless Abortion Statistic Ever.”

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Viewpoints: Does the length of the school day allow for effective education?

More instructional time is crucial

By Raymond Lo

Staff Writer

Currently, many students dislike the school day as it is and wish for it to be shortened. However, this change would only cause students to fall behind due to an insufficient amount of instructional time in school.

Extending school hours would improve the quality of education that schools can provide because it would give teachers more time to teach.

Currently, teachers do not have sufficient time to cover the entire curriculum of their respective subjects. As a result, they have to prioritize certain concepts and cannot devote equal attention to all topics.

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Viewpoints: Does the length of the school day allow for effective education?

Long hours prevent productivity

By Linus Chhun

Staff Writer

According to The Huffington Post, the United States is 17th place in education in the world, while other countries, such as Finland, take the top of the list. Some argue that the education system in America should be reformed to add more hours to the school day, but doing so would exacerbate the stress of students.

USA Today reported in a study of 22,000 students across high schools in the U.S., 26 percent of students responded to a survey asking how they felt in school saying they were “bored”, 29 percent with “stressed” and 39 percent with “tired”.

The Huffington Post also found that the average teen needs 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep every night. But large workloads, extracurricular activities, and an early start to the school day interfere with sleeping schedules. A teen’s ability to stay sharp and focused is impaired, disrupting their overall capacity to pay attention.

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