Unplugged rocks its first concert

By Venisa Wang

Staff Writer

Last Friday at 7 p.m., Gabrielino High School held its first ever Unplugged Concert, an event in which students from the Unplugged club were able to collectively showcase their musical talents to the public.

This year, club advisor Eric Hoenigmann and club president Edward Chau worked together to create the large-scale production that filled the Goodson Theater Friday night, holding practices both during lunch and after school to prepare.

“We all worked hard on planning the specifics for each act and the overall set design,” stated Chau. “The performers practiced three to four times per week for about three weeks leading up to the concert.”

Participants had the opportunity to showcase a wide range of musical skills, be it singing, rapping, or playing an instrument. During the show, both soloists and group acts performed, creating a diverse lineup for the audience to enjoy.

“All throughout the show, the performers got the crowd going and sang songs that everyone was familiar with,” said senior Elena Macias. “It was apparent that the club worked hard to give the best show they could to the audience.”

At the concert, the students demonstrated their love for music together by cheering each other on before and after each performance. With the support they received from their peers and the crowd, performers were able to give it their all and leave their hearts out on the stage.

“This concert was such a eye open experience because everyone was so kind and so supportive of one another,” senior Courtney Morill, Unplugged member stated. “As soon as you would get off stage, you’d be greeted with ‘good jobs’ and high fives.”

One memorable element of the night was that a story followed each performance. To the Unplugged members, performing gave them an outlet to express their appreciation for music, something that had always been a large part of their lives.

“Through each song, I’m able to tell a story because it’s a language anyone can relate to,” said Rielle Avery. “Unplugged makes me feel like I belong, [allowing] me to grow my confidence and step out of my comfort zone.”



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