Humans of Gabrielino

What is your most memorable moment of this year?

“Failing physics because I failed all the tests.. Everyone was in the same position as me.”

-Keny To, 12

“Performing at the Spring Novice tournament. I was [proudest] after my last round.”

-Nolan Phan, 9

“AP testing was definitely memorable and my word of advice would be to study. A lot.”

-Kevin Yan, 10

“The most memorable moment this year was when I realized how hard the AP Chem exam was.”

-Edward Tran, 10

“Running my last track race of the season because I broke a barrier that I never thought I’d break.”

-Muhammad Islam, 11

“Our Disneyland concert with our new direction earlier this year.”

-An Tan, 12

“Having a fever while taking my first unit test in AP Biology. Good times.”

-Novia Poon, 11

“The day I competed in the annual Science Olympiad competition, where I placed third in Anatomy.”

-Dylan Rojas, 10

“Seeing my grades drop as senioritis kicks in.”

-Brian Chen, 12

“I remember seeing snow at [Palm Springs]. I look back at that fondly because I had never seen snow before!”

-David Wong, 12

“I met Christ Motionless, the lead singer of Motionless in White, which is my favorite band. I wanted to pass out.”

-Chloe Castro, 10

“My promoposal! My friends [played] the piano and [held] up a sign. [My boyfriend] even wrote me a poem.”

-Sharenne Gozal, 11

“Finding out I have a twin.”


“I got to utilize my art as a way to cope with the stress that I get from school.”

-Tiffany Wei, 11

“I got my first F on a test in high school.”


“When a teacher had a nerf dart stuck to his shirt and didn’t notice.”

-Samantha Lozano, 12

“Probably the last football game. I was just so happy to have been with some of the best people I’ve ment.”

-Patricia Marciano, 12

“I went ice skating with my friends and I learned how to ice skate.”

-Valencia Grace Mingkid, 10

“Learning how to play the guitar at school because I’ve always wanted to play the guitar.”

-Jacky Zhong Cai, 12

“When I got my first leading role in a play this year.”

-Kenny Nguyen, 12

“About a month ago, I realized that all my friends had a driver’s license. We were all growing up.”

-Ping Ma, 12

“When I picked up photography. It became a platform for me to channel my passion.”

-Jason Tang, 10

“The first soccer game I played for Gabrielino. It was my first time that we felt like a family.”

-Raquel Chavez, 9

“The best moment was when Amanda Brunjes did the splits at the rally and the worst was when Mr. Lyons left.”

-Grace Gibbons, 12

Styles hits home with new emotion album

By Jady Ojeda

Staff Writer

Four and a half stars

Former One Direction member Harry Styles, has returned to the music industry with his album “Harry Styles,” which was released on May 12 after a much anticipated wait from fans.

As I pressed play and began listening to “Sign of the Times,” the debut single, I was immediately captured by the lyrics. While, sad songs are usually out of my comfort zone, I actually enjoyed its somber mood. The song kept repeating “just stop your crying” and ironically I was having a tough week.

Styles told Rolling Stone that, “Sign of the Times” is about a mother that is suffering from childbirth complications, and she loses her chance of living. In general, the song did not sound like it was referring to such a traumatic event, instead making me feel like I was sitting in a coffee shop, taking a break from the torments of life and everything around me.

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Pandora: World of Avatar at Disney World

By Kaylan Kha

Features Editor

Based on director James Cameron’s 2009 movie “Avatar,” Disney World’s new Pandora: World of Avatar opens to the public this Saturday. The 12-acre land spans Animal Kingdom, featuring a bioluminescent forest and three new attractions.

The World of Avatar combines real life vegetation with fictional plants from the film to create a unique experience for Disney park goers.

As guests walk through the park, they are met with 150 feet tall floating mountains and glowing flora.

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Acrush, androgynous pop band

By Kelly Wong

Staff Writer

Acrush, officially called FFC Acrush, has recently gained interest nationally in China due to their androgynous style and label as a boy band, even though they are all biologically female.

Wang Tianhai, head of Acrush’s entertainment company, Zhejian Huati Culture Communication Co. Ltd, stated in an interview with Quartz that he has no intention of using the band’s gender neutral style to push a political message.

“We’re just tapping into the unique beauty of gender neutral,” stated Wang, “We reckon that this style may become a trendy element.”

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Hot or Not

By Nyah Toomes

Staff Writer



Coachella is home to a variety of gourmet foods and countless performers. This year, this event was a success that other music festivals cannot top.



The infamous luxury music festival, with tickets priced at $12,000 a pop, was an utter disaster. There were cheese sandwiches, stray dogs and pigs, unstable tents, and angry rich teens.


Forever 21 Swim

This company can always be trusted, plus their bikinis are fashionable and affordable. There is also a greater chance no one will have the same red swimsuit at the pool.



The free bathing suit promotion backfired. Many people flooded their Instagram with a picture of a girl by a pool. More than half of those who participated did not receive a swimsuit.

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What tall will “Dead Men” tell?

By Jasmine Venegas

Staff Writer

Set to hit theaters tomorrow, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” is the latest and allegedly the last “Pirates” film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, according to Slashfilm.
In the new installment, Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, embarks on an adventure to pursue old nemesis Armando Salazar, played by Javier Bardem, who is conspiring with his Spanish Navy ghost crew that escaped from the Devil’s Triangle. These villians are on the mission to kill every pirate at sea.
Aided by his new allies, Henry and Carina, played by Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario respectively, Jack Sparrow must find the Trident of Poseidon in order to defeat Salazar.

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Oh, the places we’ll go!

Arizona State University
Wong, Kelly

Art Center College of Design
Zhong, Jie

Azusa Pacific University
Fukuyama, Michael
Monarrez, Christina
Sifuentes, Liliana

Bakersfield College
Liu, Nien Sheng

Brigham Young University, Idaho
Moore, Michael J

Brown University
Ngo, Dylan

California Baptist University
Wong, Natalie

California College of the Arts,
San Francisco
Schob, Elanor K

California Institute of the Arts
Gallego, Garrett

California Lutheran University
Minor, Justin

Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo
Chu, Wesley
Davis, Julian
Diosdado, Alejandro
Garcia, Thomas
Perilla Cordoba, Maria
Tam, Allister
Tostado, Paul
Yiu, Michael

California Polytechnic State University, Pomona
Cai Lane, Jonathan
Cam, Tuan Anh
Chang, Valerie
Chiu, Ryan
Li, Manholl
Liu, Danny
Luu, Newton
Mutuc, Mydel G
Nguyen, Jenny
Pho, Annie
Ranjit, Lakshmi
Rivera, Leslie
Scott, Nelson
Wong, Alexander
Zhong Cai, Jacky

California State University, Channel Island
Glenn, Nathaniel
Lopez, Nalani J
Lukjaniec, Kaitlyn

California State University, East Bay
Ladine, Kyla

California State University, Fullerton
Higa, Brice
Lee, Sylvia
Luong, Wendy
Villanueva Ballesteros, Leslie
Yu, Louisa

California State University, Long Beach
Li, Eaton
Sanin, Harrison

California State University,
Los Angeles
Cao, Ariana
Cao, Jason
Chan, Kitmin
Chen, Brian
Chavarry, Andres
Farahani, Amir
Franco, Samantha
Holguin, Samantha
Hsin, Eric
Huynh, Brian
Kan, Jonathan
Lee, Amy
Lee, Ryan
Lim, Clarence
Lopez, Jessica
Luu, Tiffany
Macias, Elena
Morales, Jovany
Munoz Gamez, Karen
Nagahiro, Raechal
Navarrete, Bryan
Navarrete, Samantha
Pan, Kevin
Pham, Winston
Rodriguez, David
Tang, Julie
Vera, Jennifer
Wong, Jerry
Wu, Leonardo

California State University, Northridge
Bleecker, Steven
Choi, Casey
Gluski, Asiana
Luo, Tian
Martinez, Michael
Monjaras, Alex
Ngo, Jason
Nguyen, Kenny T
Nicolas, Alexander
Silva, Jocelyn
Tran, Jimmy
Venegas, Jasmine
Villena, Brendan
Vuong, Cyrus
Warner, Katelyn

California State University, Sacramento
Luc, Megan

Case Western Reserve University
Shima Rintaroh

Cerritos College
Aragon, Lesley

Citrus College
Bentley, Michael
Macias, Eric
Xu, Yawei
Zacarias, Matthew

College of Electrical Training Inc.
Casas, Omar

College of the Desert
Sigala, Mariah

College of the Sequoias
Cordes, Alexis
Los Angeles College
Bojorquez, Skye-Lynn
Chen, Shiyuan
Estrada, Kaylee
Galindo, Kevin
Gip, My Duyen S
Gonzalez Lopez, William
Lin, CaiHua
Liu, Jiaming
Su, Yi
Zhao, Jinyi

Florida Southern College
Giang, Calvin

Grinnell College
Kusunoki Martin, Maya

Hacienda La Puente School
Phung, Timothy

Irvine Valley College
Chen, Alan
Hernandes, Justin

Los Angeles ORT Technical Institute
Maldonado, Bryan
Salazar, Michael

Loyola Marymount University
Luo, Chang
Shelton, Scott
Wong, Dennis

Make Up Designory, Los Angeles
Glorioso, Gabriella

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wang, Yanni
Zheng, Ze Hang

Mount Saint Mary’s University, Chalon
Chen, Luo Qian
Takahashi, Nicole

Mt. San Antonio College
Banuelos, Ezair O
Ho, Dillon
Huerta, Johanna
Medina, Nikolas
Ortega, Adrian
Peters, Kiana
Ramos, Randell
Romo, Ryan

Oregon State University
Takeuchi, Jaclyn

Otis College of Art and Design
Chang, Lisa
Sandoval, Jon

Pace University, New York City
Ramirez, Diego

Pasadena City College
Allen, Lindsey
Alonso, Luis
Alvarado, Christian
Bai, Edpund
Battaglia, Christine
Bautista Ruiz, Maurilia
Castaneda, Cristian
Cazier, Stephen
Chaus, Cory
Chen, Yuhan
Chu, Kelly
Chung, Danny
Cui, Jun Hua
Duong, Linh
Dworschak, Charles
Escobedo, Lilian
Follen, Jackson
Galdamez, Andrea
Gallagher, Sean
Gao, Yanting
Garcia, Christopher
Garzaro, Enzio A
Gatliff, Noah
Gomez, Karina
Gonzalez Benitez, Ilse
Grande, Samantha
Gula, Tedrick
Guo, Ivan
Guo, Zhaotian
Han, Chengxuan
Hernandez, Luz
Huang, Jun Liang
Kao, Dexter

Kay, Jeremy
Ky, Nhan
Le, Julie
Lee, Christina
Lee, Kevin
Li, Juncheng
Li, Xiao Ying
Li, Xingwu
Liang, Junjie
Lin, Nathan
Lin, Shimin
Lin, Zhihao
Ling, Binhao
Liu, Minyi
Lopez, Jorge
Lorino, Michael
Lucero, Rian
Luong, Crystal
Mark, Daniel
Mark, Kristie
Marshall, William T
Martinez, Celia
Mclellan, Katelyn
Miranda, Jasmine
Morrill, Courtney
Ngo, Calvin H
Nguy, Andy
Nguyen, Derick
Nguyen, My
Nguyen, Thien
Olague, Christian
Ozawa, Katherine
Pan, Meiqi
Pondevida, Juan
Qiu, Haodi
Reyes, Adrian
Ruiz, Diego
Rungpanarat, Tatpicha
Salgado, Zoey
Santillan, Angelica
Scannell, Lucy
Shao, Tian Yi
Su, Jingsong
Sun, Mingxin
Ta, An
Ta, Chi
Takayama, Grace
Tan, JinYing
Tang, Nathan
Tram, Ping
Tran, Justin
Tran, Tai Tan
Truong, Dung
Truong, Quincyrus
Tu, Wilson
Tun, Adam
Tun, Thinn
Ung, Annie
Vi, Jescee
Vo, Charlie
Wang, Yen Ting
Wang, Yung Hsuan
Wang, Zhao Yu
Winn, Ethan
Wu, Cathy
Wu, Ya Ze
Xie, Shengxu
Yang, Jianhong
Yi, Weiki
Yu, Anthony
Zang, Jeduthun
Zhang, Edward
Zhang, Ya Chun
Zhang, Yiyuan
Zhao, ZaoJia
Zheng, Carmen
Zheng, Tiffany
Zhou, Siqi

Paul Mitchell Beauty School
Cao, Huy (Henry)

Pepperdine University
Lua, Daniel
Uebelhack, Casey

Pierce College
Cortez, Estevan

Point Loma Nazarene University
Ma, Steven

Pomona College
Wong, Brenda
Yang, Lilia G

Rio Hondo College
Acosta, Aurelio
Aguas, Ulysses
Ayala, Andres
Barcenas, Heriberto
Barrios, Nicholas
Benitez, Kevin
Bennett, Deven
Cruz, Jailyne
Diep, Anthony
Duarte, Samantha
Garcia, Amourette
Garcia, Luke
Hernandez, Martin
Hernandez, Mitzi
Hidalgo, Anthony E
Jaco, Angel
Juarez, Zoe
Lara, Melanie
Limon, Rocio
Lopez, Joshua
Macias, Serrena
Mayorga, Justin R
Ortiz, Steven
Pandy, Giselle
Saldana, April
Sanchez, Erwin
Sen, Aaron
Serrano, Maria
Serrano, Tanner
Torres, Victoria
Valdez, Steven
Vargas, Adrian
Villa, Peter
Wright, David

Stanford University
Narayan, Sanjaye
University of California, Berkeley
Horiki, Sheena
Lim, Keanu
Mui, Jeremy
Nguyen, Calvin
Troung, Jasmine
Yu, Julia

University of California, Davis
Marciano, Patrisha
Preston, Sarah

University of California,
Chai, Justin
Chan, Shania
Chau, Edward
Chen, Sandy
Diep, Emily
Diep, Kathleen
Du, Junhong
Duong, Jeffrey
Fong, Brian
Huang, Kevin
Kuo, Tiffany
Lee, Jackson
Lee, Vivian
Lim, Alan
Loera, Andrew
Luong, Vivian
Luu, Joyce
Ly, Kelly
Nie, Johnny
Tchan, Jonathan
Thai, Trevor
Tran, Vincent
Vuong, Jeffrey
Wang, Debra
Weng, Peifan
Wong, Betty
Xu, Emily
Zhen, Ryan

University of California,
Los Angeles
Chen, Angel
Chung, Jiun Yue
Du, Deandra
Gonzalez Parra, Manuel
Lee, Michelle
Liao, Andy
Lo, Andrew
Ma, Jimmy
Nathaniel, Juan
Phung, Brigitte
Tam, Curtis
Xiong, Evelyn
Xu, Rebecca
Zhang, Ying

University of California,
Adi, Elysia
Cardenas, Jorge T.
Chan, Alan
Chan, Wesley
Chau, Minh
Chau, Simon
Chen, Edwin
Chung, Hannah
de Perio, Jade
Diep, Sanlong
Ha, Tiffany
Huynh, Alison
Huynh, Anika
Lau, Paula
Ma, Roger
Mak, Tiffany
Ojeda, Jady
Pedroza, Cyndy
Pham, Brian
Quan, Ellen
Sam, Brian
Sortijas, Samantha C
Tan, Shuzhen
To, Kenny
Tran, Erica
Tran, Nguyen
Trinh, Sam
Vazquez, Victoria
Wang, Venisa
Wong, David
Wong, Dylan
Wu, Nathan
Zhou, Daisy
Zhou, Ruiying

University of California,
San Diego
Baldonado, Adam
Chen, Desiree
Duong, Josiephine
Huang, Yingxin
Lee, Aaron
Liang, Amy
Lieu, Andrew
Luong, Megan
Luong, Victor
Ma, Aaron
Ma, Ping Chuan
Moy, Bianca
Ouyang, Elaine
Song, Huilin
Tran, Charlie
Tran, Ryan
Widanta, Andrea
Wu, Frank
Yu, Claudia
Yung, Matthew

University of California,
Santa Barbara
Lee, Vicky
Singleton, Alexandra

University of California,
Santa Cruz
Gutierrez, Izel
Yiu, Cody

University of La Verne
Byrd, Jason
Garcia, David
Ho, Kelvin
University of Michigan
Moreno, Jennifer
Tang, May

University of Southern
Natalie Lee
Lozano, Samantha
Rice, Caia

University of Washington
Liu, Bai Hui

United States Air Force
Comaduran, Nicholas
De Loyola, Samuel

United States Army
Fresnido, Kerk Vincent Q
Lam, Son
Li, JingYi
Marzona, Prince Aironn Jay
Song, Jinming
Wang, JiaJun

United States Marines
Acosta, Aaron
Cardenas, Andrew
Hernandez, Daniel A
Lam, Christopher Abraham S
Lopez, Isaac
Manalastas, Nathan
Savare, Jared

Dolar, Kirk Richard
Ghassemzadeh, Sara
Hudson, Brandon
Kline, Jezebel

Whitworth University
Pannell, Taylor

Fernandez, Jose

Ponce, Anthony
Rosler Parra, Andrew
Valdez, Jesus