May 2018 Digital Edition


Administration clears up summer school policy

By Ethan Tan

Staff Writer

On May 1, Gabrielino High School Principal Sharron Heinrich sent an email to all parents indicating that the school will reverse its initial decision regarding scrutinizing all off-site summer classes to the original policy of accepting all classes for credit, including University of California A-G approved courses. However, because UC A-G courses are needed for college admission, all classes need to be from WASC accredited schools.    Continue reading

Modern society deviates from true intent of sensitivity

By Kaylin Tran

Entertainment Editor

Today’s generation is known for its tolerance and acceptance in terms of societal issues, although regional and cultural differences remain. From the Women’s March and the Black Lives Matter movement to the Pride parade and #MeToo, people have continued to advocate for equality and social reform towards a better future. However, more often than not, society’s recurring behavior of extreme sensitivity demonstrates that its efforts to advocate for equality are spiraling out of control. Continue reading

Maximizing the inspiration for ingenuity

By Kevin Pham

Staff Writer

The arts have been an integral part of the American education experience, as it allows students of all backgrounds to explore their creativity. When applying to college, one of the A-G requirements states that students are recommended to involve themselves in at least one visual and performing arts course. This visual and performing arts requirement for students should continue to be an A-G requirement. Continue reading