Updated grading policy is beneficial for all students


   With the coronavirus pandemic, schools all over the country have converted to online learning. Since the San Gabriel Unified School District (SGUSD) announced that students at Gabrielino High School would be working from home, the grading policy has been changed from what they had originally announced. The most recent revisions made to the grading policy are the most effective for the current circumstances since they benefit students with already high grades and give an opportunity to those who wish to raise their grades.

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Hate is more contagious than COVID-19

By Jaclyn Quan

    In early March, a viral video was posted on Twitter which showed a male subway rider in New York City standing from his seat and yelling at a fellow passenger, who was of Asian descent, across from him to move away. When the passenger did not respond, the male rider took out a Febreze freshener and sprayed it in the passenger’s direction. NBC New York reported that an investigation of the incident has been launched by the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force since the video’s release.  

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