February Digital Edition


College board a money making nonprofit

By Megan Tran

Staff Writer

Especially during this time of year high students are signing up for Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT), Advanced Placement (AP) tests, and SAT subject tests.  With the amount of revenue collected for these exams comes the question whether or not the College Board should still be considered a non profit organization and reap the benefits that come along with it. The College Board should give a clear statement to where their money is really going and how it is specifically helping its students. Continue reading

Black History Month: Modern Influential People


Amandla Stenberg

Known for her role in the Hunger Games as Rue, Amandla Stenberg uses her platform to talk about racism and cultural appropriation. Stenberg was voted twice as the most influential teen in 2015 and 2016 by Time Magazine, and as Feminist Celebrity of 2015 by Ms. Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that fights for social, economic, and reproductive rights for women. Her controversial video, “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows,” which was released in 2015, discusses cultural appropriation within Hollywood. Stenberg also uses her influence to aid children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in their educational careers through the Ubuntu Education Fund. She continues to advocate against racial discrimination, and is also an avid feminist. Continue reading