Eagles raise money for cancer

By Kaylan Kha

Editor in Chief

Gabrielino High School’s varsity basketball teams held their eighth annual Ovarian Cancer Night on Jan. 19. The boys game against Mountain View High School began at 4:45, while the girls game began at 6:30.

Facing the undefeated Mountain View Vikings, the Eagles needed to work as a team and put their all into playing. The Eagles trailed behind the Vikings by a few points throughout the game, finishing 58-65. Continue reading


Marshall park opens in city

By Lana Hy

Staff Writer

In partnership with Garvey School District, Marshall Community Park became San Gabriel City’s newest parkland in over a decade on Jan. 20. Marshall Park features a playground, game courts, a turf field, outdoor fitness equipment, picnic tables, a garden, along with a trail for walking and jogging.

A grand opening ceremony was held at Marshall Park where attendees got to enjoy food, games, and family-fun activities. Since there was a limited amount of parking spaces at the event, guests were able to take a free shuttle from the Del Mar/Norwood Park and Ride. Continue reading

Art in Motion class creates stop motion animation video

By Annie Phun

Sports Editor

In 2012, art teacher Kat Ross introduced her Art in Motion class to stop motion animation when she was inspired by Australian artist Benjamin Ducroz’s stop motion piece, the Möbius Strip. This year, her Art in Motion class continued with their annual tradition of creating a stop motion video to showcase at the Winter Sports Rally.

Typically shown with clay figures, puppets, and miniatures, stop motion animation is a technique in which animators bring static objects to life by moving said objects in small increments and playing the frames in sequence. Continue reading

Staff Editorial: Commander-in-Tweet must exercise control of online presence


It is the start of a new year and President Donald Trump continues to broadcast announcements and communicate to the American public through his favorite social media platform: Twitter. Although recent presidents have used technology to connect with the people, Trump’s use of Twitter is uniquely unpresidential because he constantly hurls petty insults, unsubstantiated claims, and his personal opinions on controversial topics circulating on the Internet. With such power and influence available at his fingertips, the president should be more conscious of his actions and their repercussions on social media.   Continue reading

YouTube phenomenon permits destructive content

By Joshua Raymundo

Staff Writer

On Dec. 31, 2017, YouTuber Logan Paul released a video depicting him and his friends laughing at a suicide victim, which generated waves of controversy.  He is one of hundreds of YouTubers who have moved away from creating videos solely for entertainment, and instead towards making videos for increased revenue. The YouTube corporation needs to enforce stronger regulations and punishments to prevent another video of this caliber from occurring. Continue reading

Federal government should legalize marijuana use

By Jasmine Lam

Staff Writer

The use of recreational marijuana has finally been legalized on Jan. 1 in California. However, the use of the cannabis is still considered illegal under federal law yet, there are varying laws from state to state on the use of marijuana. Instead of having different laws under each state, the use of recreational marijuana should be legalized nationally.

Under Proposition 64 in California adults over the age of 21 can now use, possess, share, and grow cannabis at home. Marijuana can only be legally smoked at businesses with a license for marijuana consumption or in a private home. Continue reading

Homelessness demands government action

By Michael Hong

Staff Writer

While the term “first-world problems” has come to denote issues like complaining about a cell phone running out of battery or eating the last Oreo Thin, it has ignored a more prevalent and substantive first-world problem: homelessness. Although the issue can slow societal development, good wishes and dropping spare change in hats is nothing more than a band-aid solution that happily ignores the crux of the issue. To properly address homelessness, it is up to the local, state, and ultimately, the national government, to address the needs of the people. Continue reading