SGPD partners with Pink Patch Project

By Megan Tran

Staff Writer


  All throughout October, the San Gabriel Police Department (SGPD) participated in the Pink Patch Project along with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and 81 other police agencies across the nation. By working together, their goal is to raise awareness for breast cancer and to raise funds for breast cancer research and treatments.

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Viewpoints: Should “taking a knee” be allowed on public school campuses?

By Angelina Liang

Opinion Editor

Inspired by displays of over 200 National Football League players kneeling during the National Anthem, high school athletes have chosen to take a knee against social injustice in America. Despite this being an entirely peaceful protest, many public schools have resorted to punishing student athletes for this action. As teens voice their opinions against the decisions of the current administration, it is important to remember that taking the knee is well within the constitutional rights of all Americans, including students.

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Taking a knee spurs other forms of protest

By Brittany Snow

Staff Writer


  It has been a little over a year since Colin Kaepernick, former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, decided to protest against police brutality and social breach by kneeling during the national anthem, marking the act as the first known protest in the professional athletic field. His protest spurred further movements from other members in the sports industry but complaints from those who believed it to be a form of disrespect to the country.

  Support came from the victims he stood up for and also his teammates on and off the field as well as those not in the National Football League.

  Megan Rapinoe, who plays for Seattle Reign FC in the National Women’s Soccer League, was found kneeling during the anthem. She later stated because she is a member of the gay community, she knows that freedom is not free. Her kneeling came to a sudden end in late October of 2016 because of a regulation passed by the league saying that all players were required to stand during the anthem and show their respect to the flag as well as the country.

  In a professional football game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Tennessee Titans, both teams decided to stay in the locker rooms while Meghan Linsey sang the national anthem.

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Trump continues trend of withdrawal

By Ethan Tan

Staff Writer


  President Donald Trump has been known to use his executive power to withdraw the United States out of trade deals, treaties, and organizations. From the withdrawal of the U.S. from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Trump administration within its first year has pulled the U.S. out from more deals, treaties, and organizations than any other president in history.

  The Trump administration released a memo on Oct. 12 noting that the U.S. would withdraw itself and its financial contributions to the UNESCO due to its “anti-Israel” bias. The decision does not go into effect until the end of 2018.  

  UNESCO, one of the premier agencies of the United Nations (UN), has the duty to declare world heritage sites, advocate for and protect human rights and to advance the Sustainable Development Goals put forth by the UN General Assembly. Each of the 193 member states of the UN is represented in UNESCO, but with the withdrawal of the U.S., 2019 will mark the first time that member states of the UN will not be represented with voting power at UNESCO.

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Survivors face emotional struggles

By Kaylin Tran

Entertainment Editor


  As the first gunshots rang out, concert-goers at the Route 91 Country Music Festival initially thought the sounds were firecrackers. However, their high spirits soon turned to fright when screams began to echo throughout the area. In mere seconds, the festive crowd became a war zone as people ran for safety amidst dozens of falling bodies.

  Although the gunfire only lasted for 15 minutes, thousands of victims were, and continue to be, affected by this atrocity.

  Chelsea Romo, a resident in Southern California and mother of two, was blinded after metal fragments struck her eyes. Romo will be able to receive a corneal lense transplant in her right eye, but her left eye is damaged beyond repair.

  “To hear that your daughter’s been shot is the worst nightmare for any father,” stated Romo’s father, Dave Ferm to KTLA News.

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