The 10: Best Fries

By Jordan Liu | Copy Editor    During Spring Break, I embarked on an urgent and critical quest. I selected and judged ten fast food places on the most valuable criteria there is- how good their fries are. Because there is truly nothing more intrinsically American than French fries.    10. In-N-Out: Limp. Soggy. Bland. A disappointment.…

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“NEVER ENOUGH” levitates listeners through stages of grief

By Sophia Pu | Production Chief    R&B artist Daniel Caesar’s new album, “NEVER ENOUGH”, released April 7, is transcendent. As soon as I put my headphones in, the world around me faded away and I was transported to a world of late night thoughts and trapped emotions.    In “Freudian”, the artist explored sensuality, and in…

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Mario movie plays to fans’ hearts

By Violet Wang | Staff Writer    “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” is quite possibly the most self-indulgent movie I have ever seen. For those who have grown up with Mario and Nintendo, the film is absolutely outstanding. Unfortunately, for those who have not, it is absolutely mediocre.    Released on April 5, the movie broke box…

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