Hard loss at Homecoming

Football tackles their last game of the season

By Cassidy Liu

Sports Editor

  On Oct. 19, the Gabrielino High School varsity football team took on El Monte High School in their last home game of the season at the Eagles Stadium. After a long night of constant struggles, GHS suffered a loss against EMHS, 7-52.

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Dancing nightmares away

Homecoming Dance a memorable evening

Thomas Chung

Opinion Editor

  On Saturday evening, Gabrielino High School students dressed head-to-toe in semi-formal clothing and arrived as late as 8:30 p.m. to partake in the annual Homecoming Dance.

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Staff Editorial: College Prep/Transition class should be an elective course

   This school year marks the first cycle of Gabrielino’s history in which all students have been required to take two quarters of the College Prep/Transition class, bringing into question how effective the class has been at bettering the futures of those who have taken it. The class should be an optional elective solely focusing on college because students deserve the freedom to choose classes that will solely benefit them in their endeavors.

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Small colleges offer bigger benefits

Smaller universities offer bigger benefits

By Raymond Tran

Addendum Editor

  As college application season arrives, seniors are beginning to choose which schools they would like to attend next fall. When deciding, it is important to take into account that, although they are not as well known, smaller institutions provide more benefits than their larger counterparts. When it comes to smaller classes, focused courses, and inclusion, smaller universities have the upper hand when compared to bigger universities.

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Tricks, treats should be monitored with caution

Tricks, treats monitored with caution

By Brittany Snow

Staff Writer

  Since the late 1920s, Americans have had   a Halloween tradition of going house-to-house collecting candy. Although, as the decades progressed, people have started to speculate whether this innocent milestone in one’s childhood has the same meaning as it did once before. Going out once a year in costumes and make-up is an experience adolescents should go through, though with this experience comes a need for precaution to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

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Why Gabrielino lacks lunch tables

Lack of lunch tables

By Isabella Nava

Staff Writer

  There are about 50 lunch tables and 1685 students at Gabrielino. Together, the lunch tables available right now seat about 504 students. This leaves 1181 students with having to resort to spending lunch in classrooms, stairways, and on the floor. The wanting of students to have more lunch tables throughout the school is understandable, however, this desire is impossible for Gabrielino to implement due to constrictions of cost and space.

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Huge campus, more opportunities

Bigger universities, bigger opportunities

By Lana Hy

Staff Writer

The controversy over whether smaller or bigger universities offer more advantages has been a common inquiry among high school seniors. Despite the fact that smaller schools allow students to have more opportunities to work with professors one-on-one, bigger schools expose students to working with diverse people and trump smaller colleges in improving social skills.

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