Female heroine has all “the Gifts”

By Linus Chunn

Staff Writer

Five stars

In the dystopian genre works are often full of unrealistic, cliché moments, and unoriginal content. Michael James Carey’s “The Girl With All The Gift” is a logical, realistic and heartbreaking novel.

However, Carey’s “The Girl With All The Gifts” manages to stand out and create its own combination of dystopian, horror, and survival transforming a genre from being predictable and bland into a dark, gritty, and brutal tale regarding the ethics of scientific advancements, the meaning of innocence, and the strength of trust. The story provides heart wrenching twists and unpredictable turns leaving readers in moments of dread, empathy, and awe.

The story is based in a dystopian future where a spore named Ophiocordyceps unilateralis infects and kills off the majority of society by turning those infected into flesh-hungry mindless monsters, Hungries.

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The Ten: Worst Sequels

By Raymond Lo

Staff Writer


“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”

“Transformers” sequels get worse each time. The biggest problem is that only in the last fifteen minutes does action take place. The film does not keep the audience intrigued.

Spiderman 3

Spider Man 3

Following the highly criticized “Spiderman 2,” this movie continues to dissatisfy. Gwen Stacy is used as the bait the movie relies on in order to progress the plotline.

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Meet the Court

By Jasmine Lam

Staff Writer

harry sanin prom court

Harrison Sanin

In his free time, senior Harrison Sanin likes to work on his car and strives towards becoming an engineer.

He decided to apply for Prom Court with his friends to participate in one of their last high school experiences together.

nathan tang prom court

Nathan Tang

With his electrifying blue hair, Nathan Tang, senior, leads the Gabrielino Dance Crew.

Tang is excited about his Prom Court experience.

“I was so happy, I screamed when I heard my name,” Tang said with a smile.

diego prom court

Diego Ruiz

While senior Diego Ruiz’s passions lie with marching band and wrestling, he also finds time to coach a soccer team with San Gabriel Parks and Recreations.

“[This was] an opportunity to represent my class in a great way,” Ruiz stated.

cris prom court

Cris Gatliff

Senior Cris Gatliff has never attended a high school dance.  Because Prom would be his first and last dance, he figured he would send an application for the Prom Court.

Gatliff hopes to attend Savannah College of Art and Design in the fall.

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