Sustain legislation protecting same-sex marriage

By Kelly Wong

Staff Writer

Same-sex marriage has been a subject of controversy even after it was legalized in the United States on June 26, 2015. The opposition argues that same-sex marriage is unnatural and that children need their biological parents in order to succeed, while supporters cite scientific observations of animals displaying homosexual behavior and research backing up the benefits of raising children under samesex parents.

The U.S. government should continue to preserve the legalization of same-sex marriage because it has proven to safeguard the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, et cetera, (LGBTQ+) youth. Laws protecting their rights establish acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, thus providing a safer environment for youth in particular.

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MESA excels in prelims, conquers obstacles

By Jannelle Dang

Opinion Editor

Members of the Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) club represented Gabrielino High School in the preliminary MESA Day event held at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) on March 11.

The events that the club competed in include EggXpress, Model Science – The Human Heart, Mousetrap Car, Balsawood Airplane, and Speak Out. Each event had unique guidelines and goals, but universally required a creative application of math and science concepts.

In EggXpress, the two teams of Britney Gallego and Danielle Ramirez and Jordi Bouffard and Jaden Raymundo won second and third place, respectively. Wesley Chu and Charles Dworschak earned the creative design award in Mousetrap Car.

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Trump and Russia, wiretapping claims

By Jasmine Lam

Staff Writer

Throughout President Donald J. Trump’s campaign trail, there has been speculation of whether or not Trump and his campaign aides had had any contact with Russian intelligence that may have altered the election results.

According to CNN, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) reported that they were hacked by two cyber espionage groups during Hillary Clinton’s campaign. One group had been in the DNC’s systems for a year and monitored emails while the other had access for several months, obtaining information about Trump.

The DNC and its cyber security firm were certain that at least one of the files that was taken contained research about Trump. A declassified United States intelligence report stated that Russia was directly tied with the hackings but nothing was reported about it tampering with the campaign itself.

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North Korea fires missiles near Japan

By Jady Ojeda

Staff Writer

On Monday, March 6, the Hwasong missile division launched four missiles from Tongchang-ri, North Korea, missing the Japanese coastline by approximately 200 miles. The military advancements that North Korea has made have increased the tension with other nations and continue to raise the bar for a potential nuclear combat.

The missiles were launched into the Sea of Japan, threatening United States bases, a target which was intentional, according to the Washington Post.

The launch was also a response to the assistance that the U.S. gave South Korea in regards to military defense. Although the alliance was an attempt at dethroning North Korea in nuclear force, as stated in the Los Angeles Times, China is dissatisfied that South Korean and the U.S. are working together, fearing that it will be hit with the anti-missile systems the two countries have been working to devise.

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Shooting at sheriff’s station

By Jasmine Venegas

Staff Writer

On March 20, a 47-year-old white man, identified by county coroner officials as Andy Lane, was found dead inside an SUV after opening fire at officers at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s station in Temple City.

According to the Los Angeles Times, an unidentified man arrived at the station around 7:25 a.m. to register as a sex offender, but events escalated when a deputy at the station discovered that the man had a $40,000 felony warrant for a sex crime in Los Angeles.

Deputy Kelvin Moody of the Sheriff’s Information Bureau stated, “The deputy immediately requested assistance to take the man into custody, but as the deputies approached [him], he ran to the SUV, got into the backseat and armed himself with a shotgun.”

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Class Dismissed Rocks the Halls

By Cassandra Gallegos

Entertainment Editor

The up and coming band Class Dismissed is made up of Gabrielino High School’s very own teachers and staff members. Attendance clerk Kevin Weir kills the skins, while math teacher Eric Hoenigmann and registrar Ruben Arteaga both shred on the guitar. English teacher Joe Cichy jams on the rhythm guitar as choir director David Pitts provides a rich bass.

Together, the band unites in harmony to execute fantastic covers of ‘80s rock ballads and give off good vibes on campus. Forming a band was a frequent idea the other members had talked about for some time. When Pitts came to Gabrielino, he took the initiative to get the group of staff musicians together.

“I’ve been interested in music my whole life,” stated Pitts. “My dad is a singer so I grew up with music.”

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Boys golf swings to greater heights

By Kaylin Tran

World Editor

Yesterday at 2:30 pm, the Gabrielino High School boys golf team competed against its biggest rival, San Dimas High School, at the Alhambra Golf Course. Scores were unavailable during press time.

The boys faced Duarte on Mar. 23 with a score of 201-277, and again on Mar. 28, 214-267, resulting in back to back wins for the Eagles.

“Our players have been scoring pretty well. We’ve had one of our best scores compared to last year,” stated Coach Steven Swanson.

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