Drama performs final play with ‘Miss Nelson’

By Marleld Duran

Staff Writer

Last weekend, the Drama department performed “Miss Nelson is Missing,” their first musical and last play of the year. It was originally written as a children’s book by Harry Allard. Continue reading


FBLA wins big at State competition

By Elizabeth Campos

Staff Writer
From April 12-15, Gabrielino’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club competed at the State Leadership Conference (SLC) at the Ontario Convention Center, winning 14 different titles in varied events and  qualifying eight students to the National tournament on June 28 in Baltimore, Maryland. Continue reading

Gun violence demands clarity with policies, not clear backpacks

On April 2, students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School arrived at school wearing clear backpacks in accordance with a new rule established by the Broward County in response to the Parkland shooting in mid-February. It is meant to prevent students from bringing weapons to school, as they would be visible and impossible to hide in a transparent bag. Although the county has begun to recognize the need for change to protect students’ safety, the clear backpack rule is a violation of privacy that fails to properly address the root of America’s spiraling gun violence problem. Continue reading

Investing in the future of information

By Brittany Snow

Staff Writer

Companies, especially those involved in the media, use the technique of transparency to allow users to see what the company is about and honestly reveal how they get information about a person. According to Wikipedia, transparency in the media is the concept of determining how and why information is conveyed through various means. One thing that is not mentioned, is what they do with a person’s personal information. Giving other companies information from customers, who thought their information would stay private, should not be seen as a marketing strategy, especially if those whose information is being sold is not aware. Users should be accurately notified by social media platforms concerning what companies do with users information. Continue reading

21 continues to save teen lives

By Kaylan Kha

Editor in Chief

With more than 80,000 alcohol-related deaths each year in the United States, as reported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the strong influence that alcohol has on the country is evident. As alcohol consumption begins to rise, it is important to remember that the minimum drinking age of 21 has been effective in both saving lives and reducing alcohol consumption in the United States. Continue reading

Drinking age must be lowered

By Stephanie Foo

Student Life Editor

The old saying, “you always want what you can’t have” clearly defines the drinking culture adopted by the United States particularly for teenagers. Despite various laws and restrictions, underage teenagers continue to drink irresponsibly, blatantly disregarding their health and morality. In order to promote safe and responsible drinking among teenagers and discourage an irrational, underground drinking culture, it is in the nation’s best interests to lower the legal minimum drinking age to 18. Continue reading

Recycling necessary to protect environment

By Jason Kwan

Staff Writer

With temperatures and sea levels rising, there is no doubt that global warming has reached alarming proportions, prompting various cities and states across the United States to enact their own mandatory recycling laws. While some view mandatory recycling as an intrusion on the personal liberty of a citizen, it is important to remember that these laws should be adopted because they are meant to benefit communities and protect the environment. Continue reading