Staff Editorial: First 71 days of Trump’s presidency predict ominous fate for our nation

Today marks the 71st day of Donald Trump’s presidency. And in that time, he has crossed the line countless times.

He has pulled crazy, irresponsible, and even dangerous stunts in the past two months, including discussing nuclear strategies with Japan in the middle of a public dining room of his Florida resort and trashing a peace treaty with Russia in his first phone call as president. President Trump has proven that he lacks the decency and aptitude to be an effective leader in the remaining years of his term.

One of the first actions Trump took as president was sign an executive order on Jan. 27, suspending immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries for 90 days, all of which Trump does not have business with: Turkey, Azer-
baijan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia. By only excluding countries he has business stakes in, Trump has not only violated the constitutional Emoulments Clause but has expressed no concern whatsoever about the fearsome conflict of interest his office presents.

This action has caused tension between America and the countries whose immigrants have been banned, as it looks as if the US is trying to start a war. Trump moved an additional 400 troops into Syria and Iraq two weeks ago, which nearly doubled the number of troops already present in a region marred by violent turmoil and warring parties. Provoking another war in the Middle East will only escalate a conflict Trump is either not ready for or secretly has planned for all along.

The day the allegations that Russia had interfered with the results of the 2016 election came out, Trump claimed them to be “fake news.” In doing so, he showed compliance with foreign meddling and revealed the inherent threat his presidency poses to our democracy. In addition, the undisclosed relations between Russian officials and various members of Trump’s administration reveal a disturbing trend: lack of political accountability and integrity.

Michael Flynn, who was appointed as the National Security Advisor, and Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, lied about communicating with the Russian Ambassador to the United States during the election.

These numerous scandals put both Trump’s loyalty to his country and the legitimacy of the election results into question.

Last Monday, FBI director James Comey testified before the House Intelligence Committee and said that officers will continue with the criminal investigation against the president. If it is found that Trump knowingly collaborated with Russia, the country could find itself legally battling with a criminal in the highest office in the land.

President Trump has shown unprecedented acts of ineptitude and incompetency in the span of just two months. If those 71 days are any indicator of the rest of his term, then America is in for a rough ride for the next four years.


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