The Ten: Worst Sequels

By Raymond Lo

Staff Writer


“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”

“Transformers” sequels get worse each time. The biggest problem is that only in the last fifteen minutes does action take place. The film does not keep the audience intrigued.

Spiderman 3

Spider Man 3

Following the highly criticized “Spiderman 2,” this movie continues to dissatisfy. Gwen Stacy is used as the bait the movie relies on in order to progress the plotline.

Scorch Trials.jpg

The Scorch Trials

In a society where people must fight to survive a virus, this movie fails. This is due to lengthy scenes and poor character development that do not compare to the book.

Cars 2

Cars 2

This anticipated sequel crashed in the box office. The disappointing plot caused it to be a princess in the tower movie, since Mater plays a damsel in distress throughout.

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Ethan Hunt clears his name from being blamed for a terrorist attack. Nothing is accomplished, since the movie ends with the opposing sides suddenly making peace.

X Men

X-Men Days of Future Past

In this film, superheroes band together to save the world. The problem is that the movie builds up Wolverine’s character, but does not even show him in the final fight.

Bourne Legacy

Bourne Legacy

The directors tried to make a sequel out of a film that did not have a strong enough plot line to make another movie from. Honestly, it is better to just not watch the movies.



In a future where people must be put into a category, Tris fits into multiple. The entire sequel plays in favor of Tris, again, since at the end everything goes her way.

Alvin and Chipmunks

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

The chipmunks cause trouble again, this time on a ship and in a movie. This sequel neither contains any star power nor closely follows the plot structure of the past films.



Following in the steps of the “007” movies, this movie fails in its mission. There are unrealistic events, such as when Bond falls 50 feet and sustains only a few bruises.


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