Biobags serve as artificial wombs

By Linus Chunn

Staff Writer

Pediatricians at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) have developed a system that simulates the womb to prevent illnesses for premature babies.

According to USA Today, researchers call the treatment a Biobag. The Biobag is a system that allows the premature baby to continue developing by remaining in a womb-like environment after it is born.

The Biobag is an inert plastic container, filled with electrolyte fluid that acts as a substitute for amniotic fluid that is found regularly in the uterus bathing the baby while providing a way to keep the blood flow and a steady exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

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Schoolgirls launch first American satellite

By Jasmine Alfaro

Staff Writer

Beginning this month, Africa will launch its first private satellite into orbit to monitor the continent’s altering weather conditions. This feat is unparallel to similar inventions due to the team of 14 African schoolgirls from Cape Town, South Africa who designed and built it.

The inventors of the satellite are all part of a high school Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) boot camp, and dedicate their time to studying satellites and astronomy. The girls learned how to program and launch CricketSat satellites with high-altitude weather balloons from satellite engineers at Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Paid by South Africa’s Meta Economic Development Organization (MEDO), the satellite will send data back to Earth, report on Africa’s thermal images twice a day and detect possible natural disasters in the large continent. Other functions include collecting information to improve the area’s agriculture, food security, and disaster prevention.

The girls were motivated to build the satellite after experiencing the aftermath of hurricane El Niño last April, which shortened the continent’s corn supply and forced residents to pay for expensive imports.

They are optimistic about the satellite’s outcome and hope to involve more girls from other African countries to unleash their potential.

Brittany Bull, one of the girls responsible for building the satellite, told CNN, “I want to show fellow girls that we don’t need to limit ourselves. Any career is possible – even aerospace.”

First ever malaria vaccine

By Jannelle Dang

Opinion Editor

On April 24, one day before World Malaria Day, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it received approval to test the first ever malaria vaccine in Africa starting next year.

According to CNN, the vaccine will be tested in Kenya, Ghana, and Malawi, countries where malaria cases are the highest in Africa. Children aged five to 17 months old will receive the test vaccinations to allow the WHO to gauge whether the effects will protect individuals against malaria in real-life situations, as opposed to trials conducted in carefully monitored clinics.

The vaccine, RTS,S, was engineered specifically for children, who are most susceptible to the deadly symptoms of malaria. The Huffington Post reported that 430,000 lives are lost annually in Africa due to the disease, the majority being infants and young children.

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Eagles run, jump, swing , swim, cheer to success

Girls Golf

By Marleld Duran 

Staff Writer

This season, the Gabrielino High School varsity girls golf team competed in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) playoffs for the sixth year in a row with the players have improved both individually and as a team.

Swanson noted the improvements of juniors Stephanie Foo and Jasmine Lam throughout the season, and the was pleased with the performance of the new freshman addition to the team, Casey Chenh.

Swanson also stated that this year’s most valuable player was the team’s captain, senior May Tang, because of her ability to send the ball flying long distances along with her dedication to the sport over the past four years at Gabrielino.


By Linus Chhun

Staff Writer

Sophomore Cassidy Do and senior Skye-Lynn Bojorquez became the first females to attend the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) wrestling playoffs in the history of Gabrielino High School. On Feb. 5, during the CIF qualifying tournament, Do placed sixth while Bojorquez placed second. During the CIF playoffs, Do placed sixth while Bojorquez placed fourth. In March, Do originally entered in the Cadet Division, but lost two matches and was eliminated from the competition. However, after entering the Varsity division afterwards, Do broke to the final round and made history by placing fifth in the entire United States.

On Feb. 11, the boys CIF qualifying tournaments resulted in freshman Donovan Sanin, senior Harry Sanin, senior David Garcia, and Peter Villa all placing first in league in their respective weight classes, while Sean Gallagher and Nathan Manalastas placed second in the league overall. On Feb. 17, the CIF Playoffs resulted in Harry Sanin placing fifth and David Garcia placing eighth out of 32 schools.

Girls Soccer

By Garrett Gallego

Staff Writer

The 2016-2017 season for Gabrielino High School varsity girls soccer was certainly a suspenseful one, with the Eagles facing off against Colony High School in the second round of CIF.

“We knew from the start that they were a great team, but we came together, played our game and kept a strong mentality throughout the entire match,” Caia Rice, senior stated.

The team beat out Colony and eventually fought their way to becoming CIF semifinalists by the end of the season.

When asked how she would describe this season overall, Rice simply said, “It was an incredible season!”

Boys XC

By Christopher Lung

Staff Writer

“The team was really supportive of me, pushing me to get stronger and faster every week,” stated Yuta Horii, sophomore.

Although it was just the beginning of the school year, new bonds were already being established within the boys cross country team. Their support and encouragement for each other allowed them to break personal and school records.

The Gabrielino High School cross country team has maintained its position as second in the Mission Valley League for two consecutive years.

New personal records were established during the season. Junior Jayson Espinosa broke the school record for the Rosemead Invitational with a time of 15:34. Skyler Hudson placed first out of 133 runners in the Division III Mount Sac Invitational, which is considered the largest meet in Southern California.

Girls XC

By Raymond Lo

Staff Writer

Diligent. Persistence. Perseverance. These words describe how the girls cross country team competed throughout their season.

On Nov. 12, the Lady Eagles competed at CIF Prelims placing 17 out of 19 teams.

On Nov. 2, the varsity squad placed fourth in the league qualifying to CIF Prelims the following week.

During the second league meet cluster at Legg Lake on Oct. 5, the team placed fourth out of seven schools.

On Sept. 15, the girls varsity competed at their first league cluster at Bonelli Regional Park, placing fourth out of the seven schools that competed.

Boys Bball

By Deandra Du

Editor in Chief

The game was tied, 60-60, Gabrielino with the ball. Senior Justin Chai put up a three-pointer. The buzzer rang. Seconds later, the gym was roaring and the Eagles were league champions once again.

“Honestly, I didn’t think [the shot] was going to go in,” stated Chai. “I couldn’t believe it […] I had an on and off season but I’m glad I got to end my last league on a high note.”

By hitting the buzzer beater, Chai secured the Mission Valley League (MVL) Championship for his team in the 63-60 win against Rosemead High School on Jan. 25. Although GHS had lost to Mountain View High School prior to the victory, the Panthers defeated the Vikings a few days later, giving the Eagles one more shot at the MVL title.

With blood, sweat, and respect, the seniors ended their high school careers in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).

Girls Vball

By Christopher Lung

Staff Writer

“We all had individual and team ups and downs, but the one thing I really learned from this season was to never give up or run away from a challenge,” stated Audrey Kuptz, junior.

During the beginning of the season, the girls volleyball team all helped each other to overcome obstacles and achieve their common goals. Their cooperation has propelled them to break new records.

The team defeated the Gabrielino alumni in a preseason game even though they frequently lose to them.

For the fourth consecutive year, the team earned the Mission Valley League championship title. The team even swept the first round of California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) with a 3-0 record.

The group placed ninth out of 21 schools in the Molten Classic Tournament, which is a competitive invitational matchup. They also won the Garey Tournament for the past three years.

Ultimately, the challenges and tournaments during the season allowed the volleyball team to bond closer than ever


By Jasmine Lam

Staff Writer

This year, boys track and field won the Mission Valley league championship for the first time and had multiple records that were broken. In shot put, senior Jeffrey Vuong, now holds the record for boys of a distance of 51 feet. Tiffany Le, junior, holds the discus record at a distance of 96.2 feet.

“I put a lot of dedication to my discus, I practice as much as I can in a day and it’s also mental, it could either make you or break you.” said Le, “I’m so incredibly grateful to have so much support from my friends, coaches, and family.”

According to shot put coach, Mark Lemus, not just one thrower has improved but the team as a whole grew over the season.

Additionally, junior Kevin Yuen, became league champion for his event in pole vault.

Girls Bball

By Kelly Wong

Staff Writer

The Gabrielino girl’s basketball team became the League Champions this year with a record of 11-1, and took second place in the Ontario Christian Tournament.

Amanda Lee, junior, particularly stood out this year, as she was selected to participate in the Ontario Christian Tournament, as well as the La Habra Tournament, and was voted Mission Valley Most Valuable Player.

Lee was also played on the first team for the all area team, and the second team for CIF.

“The girls are exciting to watch play, and the core of the team is returning for [the] season next year.” stated head coach Desiree Almaraz.


By Jasmine Alfaro

Staff Writer

Rough. Tiring. Rewarding.

These are the words that describe the past year of the Gabrielino High School Varsity track team and its list of record breaking victories, performed by students who have put their hearts and souls out on the every track meet.

Season successes for the girls track team include junior Taylor Thames breaking the 100 meters relay with a record time of 12.63 seconds. Along with this, sophomore Olivia Koyama, sophomore Joy Hano, senior Kiana Peters, and junior Taylor Thames won the 4×100 relay with a historical time of 49.8 seconds.

In addition, senior Jason Byrd broke the school record for the boys 200 and 400 meters relay, with a score of 22.64 and 50.26 seconds.

Boys Golf

By Raymond Lo

Staff Writer

Patience. Teamwork. Technique.

These are the words that describe the ethics of the Gabrielino High School varsity boys golf team as the boys battled through their season.

The Eagles experienced a successful season this year with high placings in League Finals and in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) playoffs.

Senior Timothy Liu competed in the CIF Prelims on May 10 in Rancho San Marcos and earned a spot in the CIF playoffs.

The golf team competed at the League Finals tournament in El Prado on May 10, with Liu earning fourth place in the league while sophomore Osiris Sesma placed fifth and junior Devin Heng and junior Ryan Cheng tied for sixth place at the tournament.

“I felt that we had a lot to adjust to losing our seniors from last year,” stated Heng. He added, “But I feel like [the returning players] bonded with the new players on the team and we were able to make the most of it and have a fun season.”

Girls Swim

By Jady Ojeda

Staff Writer

The Gabrielino High School girls varsity swim team kick started the qualification process for the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) State Championships at the meet against Mark Keppel High School on March 23.

With a second place finish in the 200 medley relay consisting of senior Megan Luc, freshman Rayana Ramirez, sophomores co-captain Victoria Sam and Vanessa Wu.

During League Finals on May 5, Luc finished her 100 free race with an impressive time of 1:01, contributing to the girls’ overall third place finish and earning them another spot at CIF.

“For CIF, I expect my teammates to swim their hardest and win,” stated Casey Choi, senior.


By Nyah Toomes

Staff Writer

Gabrielino High School varsity cheer team experienced a successful season thanks to their tight-knit bond year round.

The team placed second overall in both United Spirit Association (USA) Regional competition and third overall out of 12 teams at the USA Nationals competition.

The team has also learned to accomplish stunts that were hard to perfect last season such as double down twist cradles, comprehensive pyramids, back tucks, front tucks, and dismounts.

“We worked really hard, having to take in extra practices and night practices, to get to where we are today.” stated senior Randell Ramos.

With hardwork, practice and dedication, the Gabrielino varsity cheer team has had one of its best years and the cheerleaders are looking forward to next year.

Boys Swim

By Rodin Batcheller

Sports Editor

As the results came in and the plaque showcasing a season of hard work was handed over, the Gabrielino High School boys varsity swim team celebrated their third Almont League championship title in a row. On May 5, the boys headed over to Schurr High School to compete in the Almont League Finals meet.

The Eagles won six individual events and three relay team events. Grabbing the top three spots in the 100 yard breast were junior Jeremy Nguyen, junior Eden Ly and senior Dylan Ngo. Winfred Wang and Miles Leon, both juniors, won two of their respective events, the 100 yard fly and the 50 yard free for Wang and the 100 and 200 yard free for Leon. The pair broke both of their personal records in the process.

Humans of Gabrielino

What is your most memorable moment of this year?

“Failing physics because I failed all the tests.. Everyone was in the same position as me.”

-Keny To, 12

“Performing at the Spring Novice tournament. I was [proudest] after my last round.”

-Nolan Phan, 9

“AP testing was definitely memorable and my word of advice would be to study. A lot.”

-Kevin Yan, 10

“The most memorable moment this year was when I realized how hard the AP Chem exam was.”

-Edward Tran, 10

“Running my last track race of the season because I broke a barrier that I never thought I’d break.”

-Muhammad Islam, 11

“Our Disneyland concert with our new direction earlier this year.”

-An Tan, 12

“Having a fever while taking my first unit test in AP Biology. Good times.”

-Novia Poon, 11

“The day I competed in the annual Science Olympiad competition, where I placed third in Anatomy.”

-Dylan Rojas, 10

“Seeing my grades drop as senioritis kicks in.”

-Brian Chen, 12

“I remember seeing snow at [Palm Springs]. I look back at that fondly because I had never seen snow before!”

-David Wong, 12

“I met Christ Motionless, the lead singer of Motionless in White, which is my favorite band. I wanted to pass out.”

-Chloe Castro, 10

“My promoposal! My friends [played] the piano and [held] up a sign. [My boyfriend] even wrote me a poem.”

-Sharenne Gozal, 11

“Finding out I have a twin.”


“I got to utilize my art as a way to cope with the stress that I get from school.”

-Tiffany Wei, 11

“I got my first F on a test in high school.”


“When a teacher had a nerf dart stuck to his shirt and didn’t notice.”

-Samantha Lozano, 12

“Probably the last football game. I was just so happy to have been with some of the best people I’ve ment.”

-Patricia Marciano, 12

“I went ice skating with my friends and I learned how to ice skate.”

-Valencia Grace Mingkid, 10

“Learning how to play the guitar at school because I’ve always wanted to play the guitar.”

-Jacky Zhong Cai, 12

“When I got my first leading role in a play this year.”

-Kenny Nguyen, 12

“About a month ago, I realized that all my friends had a driver’s license. We were all growing up.”

-Ping Ma, 12

“When I picked up photography. It became a platform for me to channel my passion.”

-Jason Tang, 10

“The first soccer game I played for Gabrielino. It was my first time that we felt like a family.”

-Raquel Chavez, 9

“The best moment was when Amanda Brunjes did the splits at the rally and the worst was when Mr. Lyons left.”

-Grace Gibbons, 12

Styles hits home with new emotion album

By Jady Ojeda

Staff Writer

Four and a half stars

Former One Direction member Harry Styles, has returned to the music industry with his album “Harry Styles,” which was released on May 12 after a much anticipated wait from fans.

As I pressed play and began listening to “Sign of the Times,” the debut single, I was immediately captured by the lyrics. While, sad songs are usually out of my comfort zone, I actually enjoyed its somber mood. The song kept repeating “just stop your crying” and ironically I was having a tough week.

Styles told Rolling Stone that, “Sign of the Times” is about a mother that is suffering from childbirth complications, and she loses her chance of living. In general, the song did not sound like it was referring to such a traumatic event, instead making me feel like I was sitting in a coffee shop, taking a break from the torments of life and everything around me.

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Pandora: World of Avatar at Disney World

By Kaylan Kha

Features Editor

Based on director James Cameron’s 2009 movie “Avatar,” Disney World’s new Pandora: World of Avatar opens to the public this Saturday. The 12-acre land spans Animal Kingdom, featuring a bioluminescent forest and three new attractions.

The World of Avatar combines real life vegetation with fictional plants from the film to create a unique experience for Disney park goers.

As guests walk through the park, they are met with 150 feet tall floating mountains and glowing flora.

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