American Red Cross must redeem reputation

By, Kevin Pham

Staff Writer

Category 5 Hurricane Irma swept through the majority of Florida, leaving destroyed homes and property in its wake. As the demand for aid increases, the American Red Cross has sent volunteers to aid disaster relief. Despite good intentions, the Red Cross has a history of unaccountability when it comes to utilizing donated funds. In order to restore their reputation as a credible non-profit organization, the American Red Cross must rectify their past mistakes. Unfortunately for the Red Cross, it will have to work extremely hard to win back the people’s trust. From the Washington Post to the New York Times, news and online sources are urging people to donate to other independent and local charities instead of Red Cross for Irma recovery efforts.

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School year welcomes two new faculty members

By, Kaylan Kha


This year, Gabrielino High School welcomed two new staff members. Special education
teacher Sheila Mateo, pictured at right, librarian Margo Butera, pictured at
left, quickly learned how Gabrielino operated in the first few weeks, get-
ting to know students and faculty in the process. In addition to her ninth to
12th grade Integrated English classes, Mateo teaches a resource class as well. On Friday nights, she also works as an adjunct psychology professor at Mount San Antonio


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Inflated North Korean threats

By, Joshua Raymundo

Staff Writer

Flying over the Japanese northern Island of Hokkaido, a ballistic missile sent by North
Korea soared 1,700 miles and crashed into the ocean in late August. More recently, another similar trial was tested on Sept.15, and the missile established a new range of 2,300 miles. These exercises were several of the many tests that have been
conducted by Kim Jong Un as a part of his weapons testing program. The increased frequency of these ballistic missile trials in the region this year has forced world leaders to convene to discuss the threat.

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Atlantic hurricanes batter the U.S

By, Michael Hong

Staff Writer

By Michael Hong
Staff Writer
Over the course of the first two weeks in September, the southeastern United States and its neighboring territories were barraged with hurricanes that have only left destruction in their wake: Category 4 Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Category 4 Hurricane Irma in Florida and the Caribbean, Category 4 Hurricane Jose in the Leeward Islands, Category 2 Hurricane Katia in Mexico, and Category 5 Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and Turks and Caicos Islands.

For the Leeward Islands, which includes Barbuda as we as the U.S. Virgin Islands, Hurricane Jose passed by relatively harmlessly as a tropical storm
on Sept. 20, leaving behind rain and weaker winds. According to USA Today, over 95 percent of the structures in Barbuda were already damaged, so it was fortunate that Jose missed landfall there. However, other afflicted nations suffered greater damage than Barbuda.

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‘Living Drug’ therapy to fight cancer

By, Rodin Batcheller

Addendum Editor

On Aug. 30, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new type of gene therapy that will fight an aggressive form of leukemia in young patients, giving them hope of pushing through the disease. The new drug is neither a pill nor an injection, but rather a “living drug” that will be marketed under the trade name Kymriah. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb believed that the chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy will revolutionize modern medicine and leukemia treatments. The two-stage process starts by harvesting a cancer patient’s T-cells.

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Girls volleyball sets up successful season

By, Christopher Lung

World Editior

The Gabrielino High School varsity girls volleyball team will face off against El Monte High School in an away game this afternoon at 3:15 p.m. The matchup will complete the first round in the Mission Valley League series.

  Last year, the El Monte Lions finished second in the league, 10-2, behind the undefeated Eagles, 12-0. Gabrielino triumphed against El Monte in both matchups during the 2016 season, most recently defeating them on Oct. 21, 3-0.

  “I want to make the most of my senior year and hope to make it to the [California Interscholastic Federation playoffs],” stated co-captain Audrey Kuptz, senior.

  This past Wednesday, Gabrielino played at home against South El Monte High School. Scores were not available during press time.

  Gabrielino challenged Arroyo in an away game last Friday. The Eagles pushed its league record to 4-0 after beating the Knights, 3-0.



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Football kicks off new season facing challenges

By, Jasmine Lam

Staff Writer

Tonight, the Gabrielino High School varsity football team will be facing South El Monte at 7p.m. Halftime will include a performance by the Gabrielino Eagle Marching Regiment (GEMR). In addition, ASB will be offering free face painting to students and
families. For the Eagles, tonight will be a shot at redemption. Last year, the team fell short, losing to South El Monte, 14-56. “Honestly, it’ll be a challenge but I believe that we’re up for it,” said senior Kevin Le, who plays offensive tackle and defensive end. “Just like any team, they are a beatable team.”

Last Friday, GHS played in their first league game against Arroyo High School. During the first half, the team fought hard but at the end of the second quarter, the Knights’ offense had raced to the lead, 0-28. By the end of the night, the Eagles were defeated, 0-56. On Sep. 15, the Eagles held their annual Cancer Awareness Night against the Temple City Rams in a non-conference game. As the second quarter came to an end, the Rams managed to slip  through the Eagles defense and score a third touchdown, bringing the score to 21-0. Then, in the beginning of the third quarter, the Rams scored another touchdown. During the fourth quarter, junior Juan Yanez, wide receiver, scored a touchdown, putting the Eagles on the scoreboard, 7-28. Although the Eagles fought hard, they ultimately fell to the Rams, 7-35.


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