Merger disregards consumer interests

By Christopher Lung

World Editor

On April 29, T-Mobile and Sprint announced plans to merge into a single company to rival the top two wireless competitors in the United States, Verizon and AT&T. If the merger is successful, the new T-Mobile would overtake AT&T as the second largest cellular business by number of users. Despite the benefits that this potential acquisition presents, the companies’ business model is unscrupulous and inappropriate because consumers would be negatively affected by this deal and charged more for their plans. Continue reading


We need college structure starting as early as possible

By Nyah Toomes

Staff Writer

Art allows for students to be creative and self-expressive. It exposes students to different art forms from around the world, which gives them a greater understanding of diversity. However, all students are not interested in expressing themselves creatively at school or learning about art history. Art should not be a mandatory A-G course because it takes away a class slot for students who are interested in other subjects. Continue reading

Favorite memories

Learning to be more confident and how not to struggle with social anxiety a lot


Seeing “Ms. Nelson is Missing” four to five times


Making finals at a speech and debate tournament


Meeting four of my best friends


Volunteering for Key Club and being able to help out the school


Scoring six or seven touchdowns for JV football and making the varsity baseball team


Working on projects in woodshop


Speech tournaments and practices held here after school


All the bus rides back after an away game, no matter whether we won or loss


Being in Ms. Chen’s English class


Football away games when we’d all switch instruments but switch back when Romero looked


Playing volleyball against the teachers


Mannequin challenge at band practice


Going to the field tournament with marching band


Meeting all my friends when I had just moved


Singing at choir concerts


Receiving an award during the Renaissance Rally alongside my best friend


Senior check out day


My first day, because it was my first day in any American school and I felt like I was at home


Newspaper distribution days


Making a drawing of all the inside jokes I had with my summer school friends