The Tongva Times is distributed monthly by the student staff of                                  Gabrielino High School in San Gabriel, California 

Editor-in-chief: Deandra Du
Production-in-chief: Jasmine Venegas
Front page: Deandra Du
Opinion: Jannelle Dang
World: Kaylin Tran
Features: Kaylan Kha
Sports: Rodin Batcheller
Entertainment: Cassandra Gallegos
Addendum: Angelina Liang
Business and Correspondence Manager: Jady Ojeda
Advertising Manager: Nyah Toomes
Social Media Manager: Jasmine Lam
Layout Artists: Marleld Duran, Tiffany Kuo, Venisa Wang
Photgraphers: Garret Gallego, Christine Tran
Art Researcher: Jasmine Alfaro
Poll: Kelly Wong, Brendan Villena, Christopher Lung
Staff writers: Linus Chunn, Raymond Lo

Advisor:  Marguerita Drew

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