Letter to Santa – Cassidy Lee

By Cassidy Lee

Staff Writer

Dear Santa,

  You have ruined my past Christmases. For the past 16 years, I have asked for specific things and you have not delivered them. So, I decided that, this year, I’ll make it a little easier for you.

  All of my requests relate to my school life. With that being said, all that I ask for is a boost in my GPA. To do that, I ask that you give me an A in Algebra 2, or perhaps convince my teacher to give me that A.

   I’m taking my SAT soon, so if you could help me get a good score on that as well, it would be much appreciated.

  I also ask that you give me straight-up cash, that would help my uncontrollable online shopping addiction.

  And world peace, everyone asks for that.



Cassidy Lee


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