Letter to Santa – Brittany

By Brittany Snow

Staff Writer

Dear Santa,

   I would love to have the same understanding in all my classes, as I did in chemistry when we learned moles. I would also love to see a report card with perfect grades under the tree. It would boost my ego, my drive, and would get rid of the stress of trying to catch the mailman before my parents do.

  As a reward for such grades, I would greatly appreciate a dog, an Australian Shepherd to be exact. Finding a dog sitting by the tree would make my whole Christmas experience spectacular and quite possibly the best Christmas I will ever have.

  Although these two items would be the highlight of the holiday season, if there is any way you could give me the secret of how to un-dent my Hydro Flask, that would be great. Maybe add in some stickers too, since mine have been wearing away with time.



Brittany Snow


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