Guyer says farewell

By Annie Phun

Editor in Chief

  Despite only becoming assistant principal at Gabrielino High School three years ago, Christopher Guyer is set to leave next semester in order to act as interim principal for Jefferson Middle School.

  Due to Jefferson’s current principal, Matt Arnold, taking a position at the district office, Guyer has been asked to step up. In the meantime, Gabrielino has begun the process to obtain an interim assistant principal.

  Although Gabrielino has three assistant principals, Guyer is mainly in charge of the technological department, College and Career Center, and Tongva Tutoring. He is most proud of his part in expanding the Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Rio Hondo classes held after school and is disappointed that he will be unable to nurture the program further.

  Furthermore, Guyer shares the responsibility of disciplining students with his fellow assistant principals, Vince Lopez and Ruth Esseln. He is required to patrol the hallways and often interacts with students.

  “Mr. Guyer was really supportive of me when I was doing my Eagle Scout project. He would check up on me monthly,” stated senior Andrew Do. “I’ll miss him.”

  For Guyer, becoming a principal was never the goal. However, when he transitioned from teaching to working in administration after 14 years of being in the classroom, he knew that taking on the role was inevitable.

  At Jefferson, Guyer knows that he will face challenges as he is taking over for Arnold in the middle of the school year, but he is prepared for any obstacles that may come. He hopes that he will be able to adapt to his new environment, find Jefferson’s strengths, and build off of them.

  Guyer is excited for the new adventure, but bittersweet about his departure from Gabrielino. With the time that he has left before winter break, he is doing his best to tie up any loose ends.

 “The thing I’ll miss most about [Gabrielino] is the people. The faculty, staff, and students are great,” said Guyer. “I’ll even miss the kids that show up in my office all the time the most.”

  The administration, staff, and students of Gabrielino wish Guyer the best when he leaves to start his new job.


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