Grand Park glows for the holidays

By Thomas Chung

Copy Editor

   Currently, Grand Park is hosting its first Winter Glow, a new nighttime art show composed of 22 curated illuminated installations.

   From “A Spark of Light,” a touch-sensor operated LED installation by art studio Aphidoidea, to “The Wave Pendulum,” a set of suspended pendulum balls created by arcade company Two Bit Circus, Grand Park is home to more than a dozen fully-interactive works that visitors can touch and explore.

   Non-interactive illuminated pieces include “The Net (Neon Network),” a pair of neon light tunnels created by art studio H+ Creative, and “Infinity Mirror,” a set of wall-mounted LED lights by Two Bit Circus. Some of the pieces honor the holiday tradition of diverse cultures, such as a large menorah created by L.A. County.

   “In true Grand Park style, many of the Winter Glow light installations are designed by local artists, creating an experience unique to Los Angeles that highlights the incredible artistic talent found right here in L.A. County,” Julia Diamond, interim director of Grand Park, explained to Broadway World.

   Traditional holiday decor is present alongside the light installations of Winter Glow, which includes a large decorated Christmas tree created by L.A. County and a neon pink Christmas tree created by Grand Park. With explicit emphasis on social media from Grand Park and permission from artists, visitors can post pictures of decorations and art pieces along with the hashtag “grandparkwinterglow” and tag “grandparkla” on Instagram.

   “The ambiance is very nice and very warm,” stated visitor Tina Ngo, a Los Angeles resident. “This should be year round. Holiday everyday.”

  Built and organized with the intention of being easily accessible to residents of Greater Los Angeles, Winter Glow has no admission fee and can be reached via the Civic Center/Grand Park Station of the Metro’s Purple and Red lines. Spanning 12 acres, visitors are able to commute from one art piece to another on foot.

   “[Winter Glow] is pretty cool for being free,” Travis Villanueva, a visitor from Las Vegas explained. “I went to The Arboretum in Arcadia recently and it was $25. I haven’t seen everything yet, but I’m enjoying it so far.”       

  Winter Glow will run from sundown to 10 p.m. nightly until Dec. 26.

  “Grand Park’s Winter Glow invites us to come together in Grand Park, Los Angeles’ central gathering place, and take a reprieve from the busy pace of life. It will be a delightful experience that grants us the opportunity to bask in the glow of the season,” stated Rachel Moore, CEO of The Music Center, to Broadway World.


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