Dear Santa – Megan Tran

By Megan Tran

Copy Editor

Dear Santa,

  For Christmas I want to have a California Christmas. This means that there would be no snow, clear blue skies, and temperatures only going down to about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Everyone thinks that they want a white Christmas with snow covering the trees and the ground, but honestly I do not think I could be able withstand that kind of harsh weather.

  Yes, I know this sounds like a weird request, but after living in Southern California my whole life, it would be hard for me to adapt to the freezing cold temperatures of winter.

  Also, driving in the snow is very dangerous and knowing how fast Californians drive, especially on the highway, makes a snowy wonderland seem like a nightmare.

  Perhaps for Christmas you could let me to borrow your sleigh and reindeers for a day to travel to a warmer destination such as Hawaii or the Bahamas. Celebrating Christmas in a spot normally thought of in the summer is where I would be most content.


Much more love than Cassidy Liu,



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