Dear Santa Letters – Stephanie Rubio

By Stephanie Rubio

Staff Writer

Dear Santa Claus,

  We need to talk. It’s 2018, and I am still waiting on my Nintendo DS. Care to explain?  I was so good in elementary school, and the only crime I committed was allowing my dad to cut my hair. Not only did I have the worst haircut in fourth grade, but I was the only one who could not play DS during recess.

 Now that that’s off my chest, I would love to wake up to Michael B. Jordan waiting under my tree along with a new iPhone XR and college acceptance letters. This year I have been really good, so I think that Michael would be a great solution to my loneliness.

  In case you’re having second thoughts about getting me my present, I just wanted to remind you that I know where you live. Love you lots!



Stephanie Rubio


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