Dear Santa Letter: Michelle Dang

By Michelle Dang 

Staff Writer 

Dear Santa,

  This long distance thing that we have going on– I don’t think it’s gonna work out. Every year I have to hear from other people that you’re coming down to visit and I get so excited. The only thing is, I never see you. I write to you, I email you, even text, and I get no response.

  It just seems like you’re always ignoring me, and I feel as though you don’t appreciate me enough in this relationship. Besides, all you do is drop off presents. Did you think that it would make me feel better? Because you were right. Except, that doesn’t excuse you from neglecting me and going to other people’s houses? If you didn’t want to commit to this relationship in the first place, you should’ve said so because the only thing I want from you this year is someone who will stay dedicated to me.




Michelle Dang



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