Dear Santa Letter- Leslie Lim

By Leslie Lim

Staff Writer

Dear Santa Claus,

  I have a few ideas of what I would like for Christmas.

  First of all, can we stop making bad reboots? I know American Idol seemed like a good idea, but watching Katy Perry awkwardly flirt with contestants is weird.

  Secondly, It would be really nice if you could give me A’s in all of my classes. I need to get into college somehow and what I’m doing ain’t it, chief.

  Also, I would really appreciate it if people began to believe in climate change because the Earth is not doing so hot or, actually, is very hot. The polar bears are sad, I’m sad, and now the coral is sad because, by 2040, they might all be dead since the oceans will be too hot for their tiny bodies.

  I hope you have a good Christmas and make sure to enjoy the snow because we might not have any soon.



Leslie Renee Lim


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