Dear Santa Letter- Lana Hy

Dear Santa,

  I already have a roof over my head, food on the table, and family as well as friends who care for me. All I ask for is that every person in this world has these basic necessities.

  Okay, that is not all I ask for. I ask for a potion that will make me all of a sudden never procrastinate, since I am always a chapter behind on AP World notes.

  Also, I just looked through some Instagram stories and saw people posing with their boba. That made me realize that the best gift would be rows of cups filled with boba underneath the Christmas tree.

  Lastly, I would wish for more stuff but this letter has a 150 word limit. I promise I have been good all year except that one time I did not play with my little sister because I had to do my notes.



#1 on the “nice” list: Lana Hy


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