Dear Santa Letter – Courtney Tsao

By Courtney Tsao

Staff Writer

Dear Santa,

   You’re known as the jolly man in red who brings presents to children. Since I’m 17 and technically still a child, and I’m one without a rich aunt to spoil me with the things I want, so I hope I can count on you as the rich uncle who will come through with granting my wish.

   The thing is, most of my problems can be solved with money. I need enough moola for my expensive lifestyle, especially if  I want a complete wardrobe makeover. My friends say that I wear too much black and I don’t want to look like a piece of coal everyday.

   To make your gift-giving process easier, I’ll make sure to clean my chimney and leave some cookies. If you’re not real like everyone says, then I guess I’ll have to wait until Chinese New Year to get my money.



Courtney Tsao


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