Dear Santa – Cassidy Liu

By Cassidy Liu

Sports Editor

Dear Santa,

  No offense Santa, but I really think you need to step up your game. For the past three years now I have been wishing for the same thing- a handsome 6’2 Korean idol who lives in Korea- and you still have not granted me my wish. How difficult could it possibly be to secure this present, I have already given you three years!

  It has been about ten years since I left you cookies, but it is not my fault my parents are convinced I am going to start a fire if I bake.

  Anyways, I know you are always swamped around this time, but please take my only wish into consideration. I have been a wonderful girl patiently waiting for you to grant my wish for years, so do not fail me or else I will start to doubt whether you truly exist!


Much love,

Cassidy Liu


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