By Annie Phun

Editor in Chief

  If one is looking to enjoy a meal by themselves or with a couple of friends, Bonchon is the place to go. Known best for its fried chicken, this Korean establishment serves traditional Korean cuisine such as bibimbap while also catering to American culture. Although its doors just opened this summer, the business has been booming.

  Because my friends and I decided to eat at 2 p.m., there were only a few customers already dining, so the friendly waiters seated us right away. We decided to order 20 chicken wings and an appetizer of takoyaki. Bonchon offers two different seasonings for their fried chicken — spicy or soy garlic — and, since we were first-timers, we bought half of each.

  There were a few disappointments in the service, such as the waiters not providing straws with our iced waters (as most restaurants typically do) and serving the meal before the appetizer. Furthermore, the plating could use work because the two stacks of fried chicken with a giant gap in the middle did nothing but make it difficult to take an aesthetically-pleasing Instagram picture. Nevertheless, this was all forgotten when my friends and I began to eat.

  As I bit into the takoyaki with a satisfying crunch, its fried batter melted in my mouth, giving way to the diced octopus held inside. The juxtaposition of the crispy outer layer with the chewiness of the octopus made for the perfect combination, but the fried chicken took the meal to the next level.

  For the chicken, I definitely recommend ordering the soy garlic seasoning over the spicy seasoning if one’s level of tolerance for spice is not that high. The spicy chicken contains a dry spice that sent a burning sensation down my throat and made my nose run, whereas the soy garlic chicken is decadent and sweet, emitting a flavor similar to teriyaki sauce but lighter. The dish came with a plate of diced radish to quell the spice or clear one’s palate.

   Although the fried chicken, which is made-to-order, takes 30 minutes to prepare, it is well worth the wait because customers are paying for quality and freshness. Diners can order wings, strips, or drumsticks in servings of 10, 20, or 30.

  Overall, great service and excellent food makes Bonchon an outstanding experience..


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