Nothing but appreciation within the Aparicio

By Giovanni Galvez

Staff Writer

  For junior, Sophia Aparicio, and her mom, Yvonne Aparicio, being a family on campus is not as bad as everyone thinks it is.

  “I love having my mom around campus. I love that she’s accessible to me, and that she helps me when I need her.” Sophia exclaimed.

  Sophia and Aparicio have been on campus together since the start of the 2016-2017 school year. Aparicio was beginning her third year as a teacher at Gabrielino High School while Sophia was beginning her freshman year at  Gabrielino.

  For Aparicio, having her daughter on campus was the best decision she had made because she is  able to see Sophia grow into the person she is now. It has strengthened their bond as mother and daughter because Sophia has learned to trust her more.

  Sophia’s feelings were no different. Sophia sees the positive side of having a parent on campus, even if it means having additional eyes watching over her.

  “My mom is very supportive of me and is always helping me do my best so I don’t feel a lot of pressure, but I know she has high expectations of me.” stated Sophia.

  Despite being a supportive mother, Aparicio insist that she shows no favoritism. To her, during school hours Sophia is just another student, in which she treats equally.

  “I think the only favor she gets is through our lunches. I cook and bring it to school and heat it up.” mentioned Aparicio.

  Many students and Sophia see Aparicio more than just their teacher; to them she is like a mom. She is someone that students go to and can expect a piece of advice to walk away with.

    “If you are in need of a hug, [Mrs. Aparicio] is there. Same thing with Sophia.” said close friend, junior, Anna Lopez.


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