By Kelly Quach

Staff Writer

Hot: Jeffree Star

Despite his history with scandals, Jeffree Star has remained one of the largest Youtubers, garnering over 3 million views per video. His channel features beauty looks, tutorials, and reviews.

Not: Laura Lee

Once a famous makeup artist in the Youtube community, Lee has now become disliked by many due to resurfaced offensive tweets and a questionable apology video.


Hot: Twitter

An application regularly used by 67 million people, Twitter is well known for its memes, accessible news, and random updates from our President, Donald Trump.


Not: Facebook

Created in 2004, Facebook is now an outdated application for most teenagers and adults. Even with their new features, the green dot next to usernames are disappearing as other applications evolve.


Hot: Macarons

Featuring a large selection of flavors, the two almond meringue discs filled with a layer of buttercream has become a popular dessert amongst teens because of its crispiness, chewiness, and aesthetic appeal.


Not: Cream Puffs

A simple snack that usually offers too much puff and not enough cream has become too boring for the future generation. Due to a lack of fans, cream puffs have started to fade out in bakeries and grocery stores.


Hot: CalcChat

A website and mobile application that allows students to double check their answers. Despite only offering odd-numbered math problem solutions, the app also has a tutoring service where students can ask for help.


Not: Slader

Once a go-to website for high school students has now become an ad-infested site. It occasionally provides wrong answers and blurry pictures of shown work.


Hot: AirPods

Imagine the old Apple earphones, minus the wires. They are rechargeable, simple, and aesthetic. AirPods produce stronger base than their wired counterparts, which is due to the larger opening on their backs.


Not: Earphones

Wires are complicated. Once the earphones are left somewhere, it is over because they tangle up and cause more of an inconvenience.


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