Different notes, same song

By Raymond Tran

Copy Editor

  While most high school students would tremble at the idea of going to school with their parents, senior Elisa Pitts, and sophomore Hannah Pitts, enjoy attending Gabrielino High School with their father, Choir Director, David Pitts.

  Before Pitts moved to Gabrielino in 2016, he taught at Marshall Fundamental School in Pasadena. When he transferred, he brought along his daughters and begun their journey at Gabrielino.

  Now, both Elisa and Hannah are in Pitts’ choir class and have gotten the chance to perform with each other many times. During their first year at Gabrielino, Elisa performed a duet with her father. Hannah and Elisa also performed “Cell Block Tango” together during the choir concert in October.

  “Most kids don’t have that opportunity to perform with their parents,” Elisa appreciatively stated, “It’s really cool to get the opportunity to do that.”

  Over the past several years, their relationship as a family has grown, developing a bond unlike any other thanks to their involvement in music.

  “It means a lot to me…that they want to be involved in the choir program,” Pitts voiced, “We go out and perform and watch them perform, I love it.”

  Unlike most families that get pestered with the sound of singing in the car, the Pitts enjoy having mini-concerts as they jam out to the classic rock and songs from the 80s.

  “I think some of my favorite memories actually were when I was a kid and it was [my dad] playing music, like The Beatles, and us singing along to them,” Hannah recalled.

  When it comes to father-daughter bonding, the Pitts have mastered the art. Through their passion for music and love for one another, their relationship has cultivated into something incredibly unique.

  “They act more like best friends than anything,” junior Samuel Lidskin stated, “It’s obvious how much they love each other.”


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