An overwatching eagle

By Stephanie Rubio

Staff Writer

  Walking the halls with his friends, sophomore Dominic Gonzalez occasionally runs into his mom, Edith Gonzalez. Mrs. Gonzalez is a PE teacher for Gabrielino, as well as the Sophomore Class Council advisor given that she is on her 19th year at Gabrielino.

 As a teacher at her son’s school, Mrs. Gonzalez’s work also overlaps with her duties as a mom. Their dynamic is very unusual but has shown to be something that strengthens their mother-son relationship.

  “I feel that I have to be not only academically but athletically successful since my mom is a PE teacher” states Dominic.

  Given that Dominic’s teachers are Mrs. Gonzalez’s coworkers, he has found that word spreads quickly among faculty allowing his mom to know what is happening in his classes daily.

  His mom’s constant involvement in his life can be very overwhelming because he is always afraid that something could go badly and that it would reflect on his mom’s job.

  “I would like to think that I treat my students like my son,” explains Mrs. Gonzalez “I hold my students accountable the same way I would hold him accountable.”

  From his classes to being a part of the Gabrielino Cross Country, Dominic feels the need to be better to not only make his mom proud but to uphold their family name at Gabrielino. With a little brother, Elijah Gonzalez, coming to Gabrielino in the future, Dominic faces high expectations from everyone around him.

  Dominic explains that regardless of the pressures and obstacles of having Mrs. Gonzalez work at Gabrielino, he would not change it for the world.

  Mrs. Gonzalez states, “I am very lucky because I get a glimpse into my kids life that a lot of parents wish they had.”


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