The 10 Best One Direction Songs

The 10 Best One Direction Songs

By Lana Hy

Staff Writer

  1. “The Best Song Ever” – Ironically, it is not the best song ever but it does create a vibe that makes people want to get up on their feet and dance like there is no tomorrow.


  1. “Perfect” – Though One Direction does not claim they are perfect in this song, the energy as well as the steady mix of melody and beat is what makes this love song unique and simply “perfect.”


  1. “Never Enough” – Out of all the One Direction songs, this is by far the most quirky due to the snaps and grunts at the beginning. Nevertheless, the upbeat tempo and sassy vocals will never be enough.


  1. “Olivia” – This is the song that stands out in the album “Made in the A.M” because of how catchy the fast-paced verses are. Although, it would have been higher on the list if the song was renamed “Lana.”


  1. “History” – Listening to this song reminds dedicated fans of the days they waited for the release dates of One Direction singles. No doubt this song has made history by serving as one of the most memorable song.


  1. “Night Changes” – It has been two and a half years since the departure of One Direction. However, this song is a reminder that “even when the night changes,” real fans will always be directioners.


  1. “Drag Me Down” – The lyrics in the song are not only unforgettable but heartwarming. It conveys that as long as we have that one person in our lives, nobody can drag us down.


  1. “The Story of My Life” – The gentle strumming of the acoustic guitar makes this song relaxing to listen to and can solely tell the fascinating story of the One Direction band members.


  1. “One Thing” – The one thing that sets it apart from other One Direction songs is the spirit and vibrant feel the boys create when singing the verse that starts with “get out, get out, get out of my head.”


  1. “What Makes You Beautiful” – This single was the biggest hit as it peaked at number one on the United Kingdom Singles Chart and number four on the United States Billboard Hot 100 in 2011.



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