By Kevin Pham

Features Editor

Aries – Always active and seeking for new social gatherings, Aries represent the spirit of Halloween which can be seen in Jack Skellington. Although Aries are not trying to bring Christmas into the Halloween season this month, this will be the prime time to indulge in new experiences.

Taurus – Being alive for thousands of years gives a person a lot of experience with the world. Dracula is all about being practical and down to earth. Dracula is very rational, unless it comes to blood, and well-grounded because he literally sleeps in the ground. Taurus will finally see their years of hard work pay off soon.


Gemini – Do not be fooled by the facade of Geminis, they will steal your soul. They may not sew buttons into your eyes like the Other Mother, but they will seek revenge if you cross them. This month, karma is in favor of Geminis, all those who wronged them will feel the wrath of vengeance.


Cancer – Under her grouchy demeanor and perpetual frown, Roz is actually an extremely emotional person. Like Cancers, it is difficult to get to know her but she makes up for this by being a really hard worker. Do not be afraid to be emotional this month cancers!


Leo – Leos are often misunderstood because they possess undying perseverance. Like maleficent, Leos work hard in order to prove themselves not only personally, but to their peers as well. A Leo’s potential will finally be realized this month.


Virgo – Precision is key when it comes the analytical Virgo. Whether poisoning an apple like the Evil Queen or simply wanting to pass a test, a Virgo’s attention to detail will get them far; maybe a few spells will not hurt either. Virgos will soon learn to let loose a little, it is all about enjoying life not over analyzing it.


Libra – Libras are selfless and they always care for others. Like Casper the friendly ghost, Libras are not only willing, but they want to help the people around them. Despite being oblivious at times, they know when their friends are in trouble and need a hand.


Scorpio –  It is THE month for scorpios because spooky season is here! Depicted as brave and determined, Scorpios represent the ever-curious character of Coraline. October is where Scorpios will discover new things… Hopefully not an Other Mother that wants to steal your soul.


Sagittarius – Sagittarius signal the peak of the winter season. This Halloween, they will shake things up like Sid’s toy combinations and make anyone’s holiday a better a experience. Sagittarius are predicted to be particularly lucky this month so be sure to bring them along on trick-or-treating trips.


Capricorn – The ambitious and determined personality of Capricorns make them the best party people. Being born around Christmas and New Years, they know how to have a good time. Mother Gothel represents this passionate drive that motivates Capricorns. They will be gifted with happiness and prosperity this entire holiday season as long as they do not go steal a girl with magical hair.


Aquarius – Aquarius tend to be the most accepting people in the world. Living his whole life as a monster, James P. Sullivan did not know much about the human world, but, he is always open to make new friends. This is the month for meeting new people, so get out there and mingle!


Pisces – The friendliest out of all the star signs, Pisces are often selfless and are always working to make the lives of those around them better. Mike Wazowski is not only the coach of James, he is his life friend. Pisces will take a much needed break this month and learn a lot about themselves.


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