Girls golf continues to swing for their best

Girls golf continues to swing for their best

By Vanessa Wu

Staff Writer

  Next Monday, the Gabrielino girls varsity golf team will be competing in CIF at the Los Serrano Golf Course in Riverside.

  On Oct. 17, three girls golf finalists participated in league finals at Brookside Golf Course in Pasadena. Senior Samantha Tang came in 11th place with a score of 103, sophomore Madeline Tao came in 10th place with a score of with a score of 103, and junior Casey Chenh came in eighth place with a score of 95.

  In order to move on to league finals, the girls individually had to have a score of 91 or lower. A total of 18 girls from the Rio Hondo league, including Tang, Tao, and Chenh advanced to league finals.

  On Oct. 16, the varsity girls golf competed at league prelims at the Alhambra Golf Course.

  “I believe this season was a challenge for us but it made us all set higher goals and realize all the competition that is out there,” stated Tao. “In the beginning, we struggled a bit playing against such good teams but I believe in the end we realized we all have the potential to just be as good as them and win our matches.”

  This year the girls entered a higher league; however, they continue to perform consistently in their matches. At the beginning of the season, the team had to overcome the loss of five seniors, three of which were top players from last year. This was extremely difficult for team to overcome because only six players can play in each match.

  “It is still tough to recover from the loss of so many seniors, but we’re still working hard. I can see some of our players improving really quickly, and as captain, that makes me really proud.” stated Tang.

   After a close match against South Pasadena on Oct.11, the girls unfortunately suffered a loss, 215-213.

  “This season I have made major improvements in my emotional state of mind. Before, when I hit a bad shot, I couldn’t recover but this season I made less mistakes than I did last season.” stated Chenh.  

  On Oct. 9, the girls golf team defeated La Canada at the Alhambra Golf Course, 207-255.

  “Freshman year I was a the bottom of the list but this year I was able to play in the top six.” stated senior Megan Lysne. “Through lots of practice I have become more consistent.”

  Although the girls had to adjust to the new obstacles, the team made a comeback on Oct. 4 as they beat Alhambra, 228-299.

  On Oct. 2, the girls faced a loss against Temple City at the Eaton Canyon Golf Course, 244-205.

  In a game against San Marino on Sept. 27, the Eagles lost, 218-196.

  Regardless of their losses, the girls focus on what they think is their weakness.


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