Fraternal twins share eternal bond

By Annie Phun

Editor in Chief

  Whereas many siblings fight constantly, juniors Breanne Murray and Alannah Murray have never had a fight that lasted more than a day. Together since their time in the womb, these fraternal twins spend almost every minute near one another.

  When the twins first arrived at Gabrielino High School, they had the exact same schedules. This made classes extremely confusing for their teachers and fellow peers because although Breanne and Alannah are fraternal twins, their appearances are extremely similar. The only differences are the shape of their faces, their height, and the placement of freckles.

  However, this seems to work in their favor as they like to have fun pretending to be each other. In elementary school, Alannah would help Breanne complete her homework, and sometimes, they would even get away with exchanging seats in class.

  “One time, [Breanne] got in pretty big trouble for something that I had said because they couldn’t prove who said what,” Alannah explained while laughing.

  Their appearances are only one similarity, however, as they also have similar likes and goals. While Breanne is artistic and loves to draw and Alannah is studious and loves math, they are both passionate about wrestling and reading. In addition, Breanne and Alannah both want to become nurses when they grow up.

  “I’ve had many people that I’ve never met come up to me and strike conversation while assuming that I’m [Alannah],” stated Breanne. “It’s really awkward. Most people just don’t know that there are two of us.”

  Despite this, the twins have said that they would not change anything about each other.

  “My twin is smart, caring, determined, and pretty too,” Breanne joked. “I have tons of memories of us laughing at our own, very personal and complex, inside jokes.”

  Shawn Peters, one of Gabrielino’s history teachers and the twins’ uncle, expressed that although the twins are becoming easier to differentiate as their paths diverge in interests, he does not think he will ever see a day when they are apart.

  “They live in a bubble,” Peters observed. “It’s as if every time they talk, they’re sharing a secret.”

  While Breanne and Alannah have not officially developed their own language as many twins often do, a glance or a noise exchanged between them has the ability to mean the world.

  “Sometimes, I’ll say gibberish or a noise will come out, and Breanne will answer normally,” said Alannah. “We just get each other.”




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