Eat or be eaten

By Courtney Tsao

Staff Writer

  With zombies now plaguing civilization, stocking up on the right food supplies is the first step to survival.

  However, food supplies that can last for a while are not exactly dishes from a five-star buffet, so my friends and I made some DIYs to jazz them up. Here are some tips to the ultimate, energizing meal.

  The ingredients for our meal will consist of a variety of canned foods and dried meat that we were able to get from raiding stores. We were also lucky to snatch some tuber vegetables, so we will be dining extra fancy tonight.

  To prepare a proper meal, a proper kitchen is needed, so we decided to “borrow” one of the houses in a gated community. We settled with a two-story house that had marble countertops and chandeliers because we have to make sure that we stay boujee even in this zombie-infested world.

  The kitchen also happened to have water bottles, crackers, and instant noodles, so today’s dinner will be a three-course meal.

  By using the water bottles and vegetables we collected, we will create a hearty vegetable soup as our main appetizer. Alternatively, if a beef vegetable soup is desired, simply soften some dried beef jerky in water and add it into the soup. Flavor packets from the instant noodles can also be added to spice things up.

  Fancy dinners call for fancy finger foods, so to make the second appetizer, mash up some canned beans to use as a spread for bread or a dip for crackers.

  For the entrée, we will be using instant noodles and canned tomato paste to create some makeshift spaghetti. Use the water to cook the noodles and top it off with all the tomato paste in the can to make it extra saucy.

  Every meal should come with a dessert, the best way to treat the sweet tooth is to use canned fruit. We were ecstatic to find fruit mix because that means our dessert will not only look Instagram worthy, but it will also taste like what a fancy dessert should. Simply break up some granola bars and sprinkle it on the fruit to get the ultimate indulgence.

  After my friends and I finished our meal, we realized that we ended up eating all of our rations. But in a zombie apocalypse, remember: “eat every meal as if it’s the last.”


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