DIY last minute Halloween costumes

DIY last minute Halloween costumes

By Daeja-Lee Conner

Staff Writer

Luigi / Mario

Materials Needed

-1 red shirt (Mario) or 1 green shirt

-1 red hat (Mario) or 1 green hat (Luigi)

-1 pair of blue denim overalls

-1 fake mustache

– white construction paper

  An easy take on these classic Mario Kart characters can be done in less than ten minutes. For this costume, first cut out the letter M or L depending on the character Mario or Luigi. After cutting this out, glue the letter to the hat and put on the corresponding color shirt. Finally, put on blue denim overalls over and the Mario or Luigi costume look has been complete.



Materials needed

-1 yellow dress or large yellow shirt

-1 green headband

-green construction paper

  Something sweet and oh so simple. For this costume you first make a cylinder of green construction paper. After this, attach strips of green paper to the cylinder to resemble the crown of the pineapple. Then, glue this on a green headband and put it on with a yellow shirt or dress with this to become a pineapple.


Snow White

Materials Needed

-1 blue shirt

-1 white collared shirt

-1 yellow skirt

-1 red headband

-an apple (optional)

  If dressing up to be the fairest in the land, be sure to watch out for the Evil Queen throughout the night. For this costume, start by putting on a white collared shirt and then placing a blue shirt over it to expose only the collar portion. Follow by putting on a yellow skirt and tucking the blue shirt into it. Then, pop on a red headband. To make this costume even more realistic, grab an apple before heading out to trick or treat.


Brawny Paper Towel Man/ Lumberjack

Materials needed

-1 plain white shirt

-1 plaid flannel (preferably black and red)

-1 pair of denim blue jeans

-1 brown belt (optional)

  Whether cutting wood or soaking up a mess, this costume will definitely spark some conversation. First, simply put on a white shirt with a plaid flannel over leaving the top two buttons to expose the a little of the white T-shirt. Next, put on denim blue jeans and tuck the flannel into the jeans following with an the option of a brown belt.



Materials needed

-1 pair of black jeans

-1 black suit jacket

-1 white button up shirt

-1 Superman shirt

-1 pair of black framed glasses

  Wearing this costume out of the house will for sure bring some Lois Lanes into your arms before the night ends. For this costume, start with putting on the black jeans and a Superman shirt. Next, put a white button up over the Superman shirt but leave the last two buttons undone to keep the Superman symbol visible. Follow by putting on a black suit jacket over the outfit and a pair of simple black framed glasses.


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