Mental Health Days come to campus

By Annie Phun

Editor in Chief

  In order to spread awareness and help students struggling with mental health issues, administration is working together with Peer Helping, Wellness Council, Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA), and ASB to implement Mental Health Days into the school calendar.

  The Mental Health Days will take course throughout the new school year, but as of now, four have been scheduled to occur in Sept. 26, Nov. 15, Feb. 1, and April 18. On each day, a preset committee will host activities, presentations, or films centered around a specific category of mental health, such as body image, depression, and isolationism. After the main event, discussion panels will be open for any student who wishes to talk.

  Originally proposed by junior Amanda Brunjes, these Mental Health Days are aimed to connect teenagers who are living with mental health issues with others in the same position in order to bring comfort in numbers.

  “It’s time for everyone to start focusing on good mental health rather than just physical.” explained Brunjes


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