Chavez works for the prosecution

By Leslie Lim

Staff Writer

  Mock Trial prosecutor Raquel Chavez pleads her case against the defense attorney and with a polished argument, she successfully argues her case. Six years ago, Chavez never thought she would be here, a great speaker and an even better prosecutor.

  As a junior, Chavez is looking towards a future in political science with no fear. With Speech and Debate, Mock Trial, and an internship at a law firm, nothing will stand in her way to a budding career in law.

  “When I was younger, I always wanted to be a superhero,” Chavez exclaimed, “and I think being a prosecutor is like being a superhero, you help put away the bad guys.”

  With a repertoire of Advanced Placement (AP) classes, a spot on varsity girls soccer, and experience as a  Girl Scout, Chavez believes that a variety of activities has helped her understand what commitment truly is. Speech and Debate, she believes, has also had an extremely positive impact on her life, as she wouldn’t be accomplishing what she’s accomplishing now if she hadn’t started participating in the activity.

  “She started as a little shy freshmen and this activity has allowed her to become a good speaker and an excellent leader. We’re excited about what she’ll be doing in the next few years,” remarked The Screaming Eagles Speech and Debate Coaching Staff.

  Chavez has always found interest in political science due to her dad, who is a paralegal, and Mock Trial which she has competed in since she was in sixth grade. This, is what shaped her into becoming someone who is able to take on the rigour and understands the intricacies of becoming a lawyer.

  Chavez passionately expressed, “I guess spending all those hours and sleepless nights working on [Mock Trial] made me really love law,”

  Chavez has competed for Jefferson Middle School in Mock Trial, but now as a junior, Raquel competes in Empire Mock Trial as one of the main prosecutors.

  “Raquel’s passion really shines through,” junior Raymond Tran stated, “ you can tell that she’s doing what she’s doing because she loves it.”

   A team that’s reached a lot of success in regional and national tournaments, Chavez views her Mock Trial team as her second family, an extremely tight knit group that have seen many losses and successes together.

  Fellow teammate and lawyer Gabriel Peña, senior, commented, “I think her future is really bright. If she keeps doing what she’s doing, there’s no stopping her.”


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