Tongva Tinder: Swiping Right Into Our Future


Name: Kaylan Kha

Position on the Paper: Editor-in-Chief

Perfect Date: a poorly lit dinner at Olive Garden, where I can stuff breadsticks into my bag

Words to Describe You: super funny, but a bad driver

Favorite Activity: recreating vines in hopes of becoming a Viner when Vine 2 comes out

I’m Looking For: someone to buy me Harry Styles concert tickets


Name: Marleld Duran

Position on the Paper: Production Chief

Perfect Date: baking or cooking so I can pretend like I’m Gordon Ramsay

Words to Describe You: scatterbrained, tired

Favorite Activity: taking four hour naps to avoid any responsibilities

I’m Looking For: someone that can pronounce and spell my name correctly


Name: Angelina Liang

Position on the Paper: Opinion Editor

Perfect Date: when the optician asks which lens is better

Words to Describe You: internally and eternally emo

Favorite Activity: having an existential crisis right before an important deadline

I’m Looking For: a math tutor



Name: Christopher Lung

Position on the Paper: World/community editor

Perfect Date: Netflix and… more Netflix

Words to Describe You: breathtaking, confused, procrastinator, funny (looking)

Favorite Activity: watching worth it videos while eating cup noodles at home

I’m Looking For: a 5 on both ap physics tests


Name: Jannelle Dang

Position on the Paper: Features Editor

Perfect Date: Adventures in overcast weather

Words to Describe You: Oblivious, straightforward, mildly narcoleptic

Favorite Activity: Making lists, because check marks are satisfying

I’m Looking For: The perfect lip balm—please send recommendations


Name: Stephanie Foo

Position on the Paper: Student Life Editor

Perfect Date: Filled with hearty laughs and good memories

Words to Describe You: clumsy, sincere, and passionate

Favorite Activity: writing poems to get everything off my heart

I’m Looking For: a good place to eat and talk


Name: Annie Phun

Position on the Paper: Sports Editor

Perfect Date: Who knows? Haven’t been on it yet.

Words to Describe You: sarcastic, indecisive, sleep-deprived

Favorite Activity: writing

I’m Looking For: the perfect date


Name: Kaylin Tran

Position on the Paper: Entertainment Editor

Perfect Date: Medjool date, preferably dried

Words to Describe You: allergic to everything, easily frightened

Favorite Activity: singing in the shower

I’m Looking For: a better grade in math



Name: Rodin Batcheller

Position on the Paper: Addendum Editor

Perfect Date: Scarlett Johansson

Words to Describe You: Funny, forgetful, funny

Favorite Activity: Laughing

I’m Looking For: Food



Name: Ethan Tan

Position on the Paper: Layout Artist

Perfect Date: eating cajun food and watching Silicon Valley

Words to Describe You: dead, idiotic, sleepy, angry, nihilist

Favorite Activity: sleeping, watching Silicon Valley

I’m Looking For: someone to be my alarm clock


Name: Jason Kwan

Position on the Paper: Layout Artist

Perfect Date: chilling

Words to Describe You: chill, tired

Favorite Activity: chilling, napping

I’m Looking For: someone to chill with


Name: Chloe Law

Position on the Paper: Layout Artist

Perfect Date: June 29th

Words to Describe You: tired, stressed, late, but mostly late.

Favorite Activity: Eating popcorn chicken while crying over math

I’m Looking For: Someone who’s later than me


Name: Megan Tran

Position on the Paper: Art Researcher

Perfect Date: Watching the sunset at the beach and “forgetting” a sweater so I can “borrow” his.  

Words to Describe You: frequently forgetful and constantly confused

Favorite Activity: Eating chicken and saying “mhmmmm chicken”

I’m Looking For: Someone who has a three letter name


Name: Michael Hong

Position on the Paper: Poll Specialist

Perfect Date: Anything and Chill but actually chilling

Words to Describe You: calm, chill, lazy, relaxed, memey

Favorite Activity: listening to music on a walk

I’m Looking For: answers to life’s mysteries



Name: Joshua Raymundo

Position on the Paper: Poll Specialist

Perfect Date: not forgetting the girl’s name

Words to Describe You: stupid funny

Favorite Activity: eating. Just eating.

I’m Looking For: A fellow Panic! fan






Name: Christine Tran

Position on the Paper: Photographer

Perfect Date: Souplantation, so I can sneak muffins home

Words to Describe You: usually sleepy, quiet or loud no in between

Favorite Activity: using my sister’s Netflix account

I’m Looking For: someone to feed me food


Name: Jasmine Lam

Position on the Paper: Photographer

Perfect Date: Not having one

Words to Describe You: clumsy, ditzy, chill

Favorite Activity: Not going on dates

I’m Looking For: My wallet. I lost it some time ago. Oh, and my soul.


Name: Nyah Toomes

Position on the Paper: Promotions and Publicity Manager

Perfect Date: Going to an art museum and then going out to eat, preferably somewhere with pasta.

Words to Describe You: open minded, friendly, late to everything, kinda funny though

Favorite Activity: Ordering UberEats and watching Dr.Phil or bad X-Factor auditions on YouTube

I’m Looking For: Music and food lover, but no country. Must have a car… and a license!


Name: Elizabeth Campos

Position on the Paper: Promotions and Publicity Manager

Perfect Date: April 25. Because it’s not too hot and not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.

Words to Describe You: Loud, dramatic, did I mention loud?

Favorite Activity: Looking at pictures of dogs.

I’m Looking For: A guy who drives a Dodge Challenger and lets me borrow his chapstick.



Name: Kevin Pham

Position on the Paper: advertising manager

Perfect Date: 4.6 billion years ago

Words to Describe You: a really funny potato with a touch of suffering on the inside

Favorite Activity: naps, sitting and thinking about responsibilities but not doing anything about it

I’m Looking For: a fight with the person who made education a corrupt institution


Name: Brittany Snow

Position on the Paper: Business Manager

Perfect Date: I don’t know man

Words to Describe You: Quiet, sarcastic, blunt, nice

Favorite Activity: Watching horror movies

I’m Looking For: My contact prescription. I lost it a while ago and I’ve been winging it ever since.



Name: Lana Hy

Position on the Paper: Webmaster

Perfect Date: March 14, because I can get a 10-inch customized pizza at Blaze for only $3.14.

Words to Describe You: Italian sausage, parmesan pizza and matcha green tea ice cream maniac

Favorite Activity: Going to Baskin Robbins

I’m Looking For: the secret to opening Drew’s door


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