Workshop open new opportunities

By, Marleld Duran

Staff Writer

On Sept. 9 and 10, the San Gabriel Valley Music Theatre (SGVMT) held a pilot workshop
in Gabrielino High School’s Gary E. Goodson theatre for students from various school
districts and colleges who are interested in theater and entertainment. Bobby Hundley, Producing Artistic Director of SGVMT, created the program in order to educate youth about the many possibilities of making a living as an actor or performer.


Throughout both days, the non-profit arts organization taught students about different aspects involved in the business. Topics covered in the workshop included starting a career, working in the field as a person of color, networking, fundraising, and managing a budget. The 20 speakers included casting directors, producers, actors, and other people across different Christine Tran Tongva Times President of Comedy Central.

“I’m more interested in you guys than I am in the current audience that is watching.” Hundley’s priority was to ed- Workshop opens new opportunities platforms from companies such as Disney and Comedy Central.

Speakers also discussed the importance of starting early in the entertainment field, indicating that students were even capable of creating their own content right now.

“There is nothing more important than a young audience for everything that we do,” statucate the audience on topics that are not covered in classes, which made this workshop different than others.

According to Hundley, the lessons provide a basis for those who are unsure how to utilize their skills to start their careers.

“The most important thing I [learned] is to be yourself and strive for the best,” said Jeannette Fernandez, Gabrielino senior. “The speakers gave us information [to] help us in the future.” After the workshops ended, participants were able to attend musicals free of charge, directed by one of the speakers, Richard Allen. Hundley originally intend-
ed for the workshop to be held last school year, but because of changes in administration it was postponed for this year. The SGVMT plans to organize another workshop in the spring and aims to offer local, regional, and national opportunities later on.


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