Styles hits home with new emotion album

By Jady Ojeda

Staff Writer

Four and a half stars

Former One Direction member Harry Styles, has returned to the music industry with his album “Harry Styles,” which was released on May 12 after a much anticipated wait from fans.

As I pressed play and began listening to “Sign of the Times,” the debut single, I was immediately captured by the lyrics. While, sad songs are usually out of my comfort zone, I actually enjoyed its somber mood. The song kept repeating “just stop your crying” and ironically I was having a tough week.

Styles told Rolling Stone that, “Sign of the Times” is about a mother that is suffering from childbirth complications, and she loses her chance of living. In general, the song did not sound like it was referring to such a traumatic event, instead making me feel like I was sitting in a coffee shop, taking a break from the torments of life and everything around me.

The vibes of “Meet Me in the Hallway” gave me the feeling that I was taking a road trip to an unknown place. I could say this about most of the album. “Carolina” has an exotic rhythm which is unique, but in general the song did not grab my attention. To me, the song blends in with the other songs in the album, making it hard to understand why he chose the song for his performance.

The nostalgic beat of “Two Ghosts” brought me back to the past as it reminded me of, “Moments” from the One Direction’s “Up All Night” album. Listening to this song brought be back to my middle school days.

Although I appreciate the smooth and slow vibes that this album provides, as summer approaches, I expected upbeat rhythms to play for those upcoming summer nights. The tranquility throughout the album reminds me of autumn leaves falling from bare branches instead of the sound of waves crashing or the echoes of laughter.

Overall, the album was not something that I would listen to on a daily basis, but I would definitely turn to his songs for emotional comfort. Harry Styles’ poetic words have a way of soothing one’s mood and making the listener feel as if all that matters is serenity.

As a One Direction fan, it is shocking to see his personality breakthrough in his album. The pop artist that I once thought of as a charming band boy, has grown to be a great artist who has the ability to make his fanbase feel joy, peace, and sadness all at the same time with the power of one album.


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