Humans of Gabrielino

What is your most memorable moment of this year?

“Failing physics because I failed all the tests.. Everyone was in the same position as me.”

-Keny To, 12

“Performing at the Spring Novice tournament. I was [proudest] after my last round.”

-Nolan Phan, 9

“AP testing was definitely memorable and my word of advice would be to study. A lot.”

-Kevin Yan, 10

“The most memorable moment this year was when I realized how hard the AP Chem exam was.”

-Edward Tran, 10

“Running my last track race of the season because I broke a barrier that I never thought I’d break.”

-Muhammad Islam, 11

“Our Disneyland concert with our new direction earlier this year.”

-An Tan, 12

“Having a fever while taking my first unit test in AP Biology. Good times.”

-Novia Poon, 11

“The day I competed in the annual Science Olympiad competition, where I placed third in Anatomy.”

-Dylan Rojas, 10

“Seeing my grades drop as senioritis kicks in.”

-Brian Chen, 12

“I remember seeing snow at [Palm Springs]. I look back at that fondly because I had never seen snow before!”

-David Wong, 12

“I met Christ Motionless, the lead singer of Motionless in White, which is my favorite band. I wanted to pass out.”

-Chloe Castro, 10

“My promoposal! My friends [played] the piano and [held] up a sign. [My boyfriend] even wrote me a poem.”

-Sharenne Gozal, 11

“Finding out I have a twin.”


“I got to utilize my art as a way to cope with the stress that I get from school.”

-Tiffany Wei, 11

“I got my first F on a test in high school.”


“When a teacher had a nerf dart stuck to his shirt and didn’t notice.”

-Samantha Lozano, 12

“Probably the last football game. I was just so happy to have been with some of the best people I’ve ment.”

-Patricia Marciano, 12

“I went ice skating with my friends and I learned how to ice skate.”

-Valencia Grace Mingkid, 10

“Learning how to play the guitar at school because I’ve always wanted to play the guitar.”

-Jacky Zhong Cai, 12

“When I got my first leading role in a play this year.”

-Kenny Nguyen, 12

“About a month ago, I realized that all my friends had a driver’s license. We were all growing up.”

-Ping Ma, 12

“When I picked up photography. It became a platform for me to channel my passion.”

-Jason Tang, 10

“The first soccer game I played for Gabrielino. It was my first time that we felt like a family.”

-Raquel Chavez, 9

“The best moment was when Amanda Brunjes did the splits at the rally and the worst was when Mr. Lyons left.”

-Grace Gibbons, 12


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