Acrush, androgynous pop band

By Kelly Wong

Staff Writer

Acrush, officially called FFC Acrush, has recently gained interest nationally in China due to their androgynous style and label as a boy band, even though they are all biologically female.

Wang Tianhai, head of Acrush’s entertainment company, Zhejian Huati Culture Communication Co. Ltd, stated in an interview with Quartz that he has no intention of using the band’s gender neutral style to push a political message.

“We’re just tapping into the unique beauty of gender neutral,” stated Wang, “We reckon that this style may become a trendy element.”

Typically, girl bands in China and other Asian countries dress in ways that are explicitly female. Acrush, not falling into any of the categories, appeals to a niche that had no prior representation.

“I love [its] style, who needs princess dresses or girly music?” said one netizen on Weibo, “This is the way to go,”

Wang also stated that the members dressed in that style prior to joining the band.

“I was a professional ballroom dancer who [dressed] in sexy skirts,” stated Peng, the group’s lead singer, “But in real life, my look is similar to the band look.”

According to company policy, the band members are prohibited from disclosing their sexual orientation.

Their agent, Zhou Xiaobai, told Quartz that when introducing the group, the company refrains from addressing them by specific gender pronouns, instead “meishaonian,” which means “handsome youths” in Chinese.

The members include Lu Ke Ran, Peng Xi Chen, Lin Fan, An Jun Xi, and Min Jun Qian. Information on each of the members is on their official Twitter, @FFC_Acrush.

The FFC stands for Fantasy Football Confederation (FFC), a brand that backs various bands while aiming to be a pioneer in integrating sports with music and dance, and the “A” in “Acrush” stands for Adonis, the symbol of male beauty in Greek mythology.


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