“Logan” slashes superhero film norms

By Garrett Gallegos

Staff Writer

Four stars

The final “X-Men” film, “Logan,” starring Hugh Jackman as the claw-wielding hero, Wolverine has accomplished something that no superhero movie in the past six years has come close to. The picture, directed by CalArts alumnus James Mangold, gives us a comic book film that manages to transcend the stereotype of action packed, one-dimensional superhero flicks and gives viewers a harrowing tale with moments that are sure to make them cry, laugh, and grind their teeth.

The movie is based on the comic book, “Old Man Logan,” which takes place in the near future and centers on a washed up Logan who is addicted to painkillers and is taking care of a dementia-ridden Professor Xavier. They are the last living members of the X-Men and with their glory days far behind them, are ghosts of their former selves.

Their quiet and undisturbed lives are soon turned upside down when a young girl with mutant abilities seeks their help after being pursued by evil forces.

Several times throughout the film I forgot that I was even watching a superhero movie. While other superhero films utilize constant action and fight sequences to keep the audience engaged. “Logan” doesn’t cheapen itself by using this formulaic style, instead it focuses on the connection between the characters and takes its time in laying out a story that captivates its audience without relying on CGI and over the top action, making it a moving drama that warrants respect.

Jackman’s performance shows us a side of Logan that fans have never seen in the seventeen years of his portrayal.

“[Logan] is really a love letter to the Wolverine fans,” Jackman stated in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, “But beyond that, I wanted to make a movie that people who have never watched a comic book movie in their lives would see and get something out of.”

The film is rated R, a trend that was recently started by the highly successful comic book film, “Deadpool.” “Logan” certainly earns this adult rating, as we see our hero dismember and decapitate several of his foes with a rage and unbridled viciousness unseen in any of the previous “X-Men” films.

The level of ferocity and violence adds a whole new level of intensity that helps to make the movie unique and gratifying. Wolverine is not a soft character, so it was nice to finally see his brutality come to life on the screen.

“Logan” is one of the best superhero films made to date.


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