Letter to the editor….

I am writing this because of the blatant one-sidedness of the Gabrielino newspaper. The paper consists of no viewpoints other than those held by liberals and progressives. As a newspaper, you should be committed to not only accurately publishing articles, but also printing ones that you may not agree with. It is only fair to your readers that you present them with a well-rounded paper [so] they can shape their own opinion[s].

The Staff Editorial on Planned Parenthood is entirely false. Planned Parenthood testified in front of Congress in September 2015 that abortions were only 3% of their services. That number is completely bogus and here is why the senior editor of the online magazine Slate said that that 3% statistic was “The Most Meaningless Abortion Statistic Ever.”

According to their own annual report, Planned Parenthood last year did 323,999 abortions, which averages to 877 abortions per day. Divide the number of abortions they do in a year by the number of patients they see in a year. 323,999 abortions for 2.5 million patients means that 1 in 8 patients gets an abortion. Not 1 in 33 as Elizabeth Warren stated.

It’s very simple to visualize where Planned Parenthood’s priorities are. Planned Parenthood constantly talks about their PAP Tests and breast exams, but they do less than 1% of America’s PAP Test and 1.8% of America’s breast exams. While they commit 30.6%, 1⁄3 of the nation’s abortions.

Planned Parenthood came up with a very creative way to make its main business, abortion, look very small. Planned Parenthood divides abortions by the number of so-called “services.” Which they define as a, “discrete clinical interaction.” They count all of these services equally, regardless of the cost time or effort it took for the service.

In this way Planned Parenthood is able to render 9.4 million services. Divide 323,999 abortions by 9.4 million services, and they get 3%.

Say a woman goes to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion. They get one pregnancy test, the abortion procedure, an STI Test and some contraceptives. In a single visit she gets four services, one of which is the actual abortion. So Planned Parenthood would say that abortion was only 25% of what they did for that woman who came into the clinic only for an abortion.

It’s like a steakhouse saying, “Actually steak is only a very small percent of what we serve. We also serve salad, mashed potatoes… toothpicks and breath mints.” We’d say, “Yeah right, you’re a steakhouse.” Just like how Planned Parenthood is an Abortion Corporation.

I know that this letter is in regards to the last newspaper that was printed, but it is never too late to print the facts for a misguided student body that needs the truth. More now than ever.

-Josiah Christensen, junior


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