The Titanic

Staff Writer

The Titanic never sunk because it never set sail.

It has been said that before the Titanic went out to sea, it was switched out with its sister ship, the Olympic.

The Titanic was only one of the three Olympic ocean liners built by White Star Line, the other two being the Britannic and the Olympic.

The Olympic went on a voyage about a year before the Titanic but faced two serious collisions that required expensive repairs. However, at the time, White Star Line was already facing a financial crisis.

This led experts to wonder whether White Star Line and its owner JP Morgan devised an insurance scam to try and save their investment in the Olympic.

In this plan, the Olympic would be traded with the Titanic and go out to sea, only to be sunk in a staged accident. This would allow the Titanic to be disguised as the Olympic and carry on service.

The two ships were nearly identical and would have needed nothing more than the exchanging of a few nameplates to switch places.

According to Titanic Universe, a blog dedicated to Titanic conspiracy theories, evidence that shows the two ships were switched can be seen in the portholes.

The Olympic had 16 and the Titanic had 14. However, the day that the Titanic set sail on its voyage, it had 16 portholes, just like the Olympic. If this is true, then the ship that is on the ocean floor is actually the Olympic disguised as the Titanic.

Today, a supposed dismantled Olympic can be seen at the SeaCity Museum in Southampton, UK and in the White Swan in Alnwick, UK.


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