What’s Hot/ What’s Not

By Nyah Toomes

Staff Writer



Selena and the Weeknd

Selena Gomez was spotted in Santa Monica cuddled up with singer The Weeknd. Though the Weeknd and the Hadid sister were cute together, Selena looks so happy with him.


Michelle Obama

Michelle will always be the First Lady in Americans’ hearts. People will miss her inspiration speeches and informative commercials advocating for healthier lunches.

Jackson Court Case Continues

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson will forever uphold his legacy as the King of Pop. Even after his death, he should be treated with respect, especially on-screen because he inspired so many.



Bella and the Weeknd

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd have broken up and it’s time for them to move out of the spotlight. Hadid remains salty, as she unfollowed Selena on Instagram after the incident.


Melania Trump

Melania needs to prove to the United States that she can be half as good as Michelle Obama. Looking at Melania makes one miss Michelle even more.


Joseph Fiennes as MJ

In a British TV Production, Joseph Fiennes unsuccessfully played Michael Jackson. This was one big fail simply because Fiennes looks absolutely nothing like Jackson.


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