Top 10 failed New Year’s resolutions

By Jasmine Alfaro

Staff Writer

1. Get in shape

Hopes to meet model expectations are the most failed resolution to date. Finding a consistent workout schedule is difficult to do and accomplishing this resolution requires hard work, endurance, and persistence to keep from choosing McDonald’s for dinner.

2. Make better financial decisions

Online shopping and fast food are the death of our wallets and the reason why we keep making saving and responsibly spending a constant New Year’s resolution. Even so, impulsively adding items to one’s shopping cart is a bad habit that people can not seem to remedy.

3. Stop procrastinating

Everyone gets the desire to get work done, but procrastination knocks on our front door like an annoying friend. It is great to have fun with them, but one must stop procrastinating on stopping procrastination.

4. Try harder in school

Once the new semester starts, people promise themselves to get their grades up. Everything appears fine in the beginning, but once the first trials of exams hit, history seems to repeat itself.

5. Learn a new skill

Vows to make this the year to begin practicing yoga or reading that self help book on the shelf prove almost impossible to keep. Be it time or work, there is always an obstacle that prevents people from perfecting a new hobby.

6. Spend time with loved ones

Constantly placing work first causes people to neglect making plans with the ones they love. Setting time aside for those closest to us is not seen enough as a priority. When people fail to do so, it hurts everybody involved and damages their relationships as a whole.

7. Fall in love

Love is a rollercoaster of emotions that people are constantly in search of in an attempt to fill in the empty void in their hearts. However, most people forget that a person can’t find love, but it finds them.

8. Volunteer

The goal of becoming less selfish presents itself in the form of volunteering. There are many ways to do it, but the time commitment involved usually steers people away from helping out those in need.

9. Stop holding grudges

Once the new year starts, people instantly believe they are a new person. However, letting go of the past is better said than done as grievances from the past year tend to tag along with them.

10. Limit technology usage

In a society managed by social media, resolutions to limit technology usage are difficult to complete. Without the Internet, people tend to suffer from a fear of missing out as those around them continue to forge new connections through social media.


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