“Girl Meets World” one last time

By Jasmine Venegas

Staff Writer

The Disney Channel original show “Girl Meets World” has officially been canceled after airing for three consecutive seasons.

The show centered around Riley and her two best friends as they face the struggles of being a preteen.

The show was a spin-off of ABC’s “Boy Meets World” and first aired in June 2014. The series brought back original stars Ben Savage and Danielle Fisher, who play Cory Matthews and Topanga Matthews, respectively. It also brought in new characters such as their daughter Riley Matthews, played by Rowan Blanchard, and her best friend Maya Hart, played by Sabrina Carpenter.

According to TVLine, the show was canceled because while it had high ratings with older teenagers and parents, it had trouble connecting with younger children because they did not find the show relatable.

Although the cancellation of the show has been made official, Jacobs stated to TVLine that, “there are talks underway [about saving ‘Girl Meets World’], but we’re at the very very beginning stages, [although,] there are some interested platforms.”

No interested platforms have come forth to state whether or not they are interested in giving the show a new home, but this could mean that it might not be canceled for good.

“I don’t think ‘Girl [Meets World’] should have been canceled […] I thought we would be able to tell stories through four seasons,” creator Michael Jacobs, stated in an interview with Seventeen Magazine.

Regardless of the show’s cancellation, its first two seasons were recognized when it was nominated for best children’s program at the Emmy’s and nominated for an award at the Writers Guild of America and Producers Guild of America.

Blanchard took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the show’s cancellation, stating, “Being on ‘Girl Meets World’ is the most significant event in my life thus far […] I am so honored to call you our audience.”

Fans can watch the last episode entitled “Girl Meets Goodbye on Disney Channel or the Disney Channel app.


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