Viewpoints: Should Americans continue to protest the election of Donald Trump?

Disruption does not fix division

By Jady Ojeda

Staff Writer

The tension that brewed prior to the presidential election has spawned out of control following Donald Trump’s victory. The country has been filled with swarms of protesters who are fighting to be heard at all costs. Although the protesters are exercising their right to freedom of speech, they have only increased the violence and tension surrounding the election. Protesting should be put to an end in order to protect citizens and the overall well-being of the country.

Protesting did not work before, and it certainly will not work now. Negative and ridiculing opinions of the president-elect that swamped social media prior to the election did nothing to prevent the election of Trump. Likewise, current protests against Trump and the Republican party will lead to no significant political change.

Rallying will only halt productivity and create unnecessary scenes, in a time when the nation needs less division and more dialogue. We should ensure that our voices are heard in a civil and less forceful manner in order to effectively influence the government’s actions.

According to CNN, Los Angeles has become a leader in the protests against Trump, along with New York and San Francisco, with indignant voters demanding to honor the result of the popular vote. People have spilled recklessly onto city streets and highways with signs quoting Trump’s hateful phrases and ideals in hopes of targeting Trump’s racial and sexist remarks.

However, the political revolution has not been limited to large cities or the public. All over the country, students have organized walkouts to display their dissatisfcation and anger. According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, nearly 200 students rallied against Trump on Nov. 10 at San Gabriel High School.

Students put a halt on their education to hold signs and chant “not my president.” Protests have also impaired students’ ability and willingness to learn. But, encouraging students to turn their backs on education only feeds the root of the problem, which is ignorance about the political process and how the government’s decisions directly impact the public.

The chaos from protesting has led to an increase in security surrounding Trump Tower in Midtown New York, causing disruption with increases in traffic. Protesting will only continue to derail the progress of America as we end up investing tax dollars toward protecting the life of an inexperienced politician.

The election is over and the verdict is in the hands of the Electoral College, which will submit its final votes on Dec. 19. Protesting will have no change on the outcome of the election because the real power is no longer among the people. It is not disruptive protests that we need, but rather progressive attempts to utilize the power of the public.


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