The Ten: Top Apps For School

By Nyah Toomes

Staff Writer


The Grades app is on the top of the list because it allows students to have easy access to their Aeries account on their mobile phone. They can see how much a certain assignment impacts their grade and create mock assignments.


The Timetable app gives the user a virtual agenda. The user can input all of their classes and add assignments with due dates for each, making homework and projects easy to keep track of.

Google Classroom

Google classroom sends students notification when their teachers have posted in Classroom. This app helps those who are absent still see what is going on in class while they are gone.

Google Docs

Google Docs is essential because it allows students to work on their projects in Docs at any time. Students are given access right to their classwork through the app, which is convenient for busy students.


Quizlet is the best app for studying because it lets students create virtual flashcards for tests and quizzes. With this app, trivia questions are always on hand and studying can be done anywhere.

Cliff Notes

Cliff Notes allows students to read a summary, plot, and character analysis of whichever book they are reading in class. Students can better understand literary works that may not be easy to decipher on their own.


Whenever students do not know what a certain word means, they can always have a dictionary ready to use without flipping through an abundance of pages. This app is also a thesaurus, which is helpful for diction in essays.

Spanish Dictionary

The Spanish Dictionary allows students to easily translate words and phrases in the Spanish language, as well as learn the conjugations of words. With this app students can expand their Spanish vocabulary and get ahead of their class.

Mathlab Calculator

This is not just a regular calculator. This app gives one access to a graphing calculator, saving math students money on real one. It is free to download in the App Store and accessible anywhere.


Listening to music while studying can help one stay focused while doing homework or projects. Spotify makes it easy by allowing students to create their own playlists and follow other people’s playlists as well.



One thought on “The Ten: Top Apps For School

  1. Loner From Outer Space says:

    The Grades app had been my best friend during my college years! Of course I dropped out so I don’t know if that’s the best compliment 😂


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