Students take on college courses at PCC


Preparatory Music Theory

“Being in a college environment tests how much you care about getting an education because you have to bring it upon yourself to be on time and show up for class.”


Intro to Religious Studies

“It’s nice to be in a college environment [because] there’s something different about it. They totally accept me. They think it’s kind of weird that I’m young.”


Multivariable Calculus

“Multivariable [calculus] is no doubt the hardest course I’ve taken so far. It will [probably] be the first B I’ve ever gotten.”



“The curriculum for [physics] is actually a lot easier [than at Gab]. You just do activities and quizzes to rack up points to eventually get to an A.”


Ethnic Studies

“I think anyone who [is] considering [taking PCC classes] should definitely do it. It’s only two days a week, so it’s not too bad in terms of workload.”


Cultural Anthropology

“Being able to think and actually explore rather than following a set curriculum sets apart a high school and college environment.”


Intro to Sociology

“I knew I didn’t want to take a 6th period this year because I wanted to go home early, but I [also] didn’t want to look bad on college apps.”


Intro to Sociology

“The hardest part is transitioning from a high school to college zone. In college, they won’t tell you what to do all the time. They just assume you know what to do.”


Personal Growth and Development

“You’re exposed to a plethora of mentalities and you start to see that there are more ways to look at things than the way you were taught to.”


Asian American Sociology and Japanese

“Some classmates found out I was 16 and they were like ‘what are you doing with your life?’”



“Attending PCC for the past two years has taught me how to take responsibility of my own assignments, study habits, and due dates with limited surveillance.”


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